Dr Oz: T-Fal Actifry Fryer, Halsa Mat & PGX Fiber Supplement


Dr Oz Weight Loss Hot List

Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Hot List will include some of the latest Weight Loss Products on the market, such as The Halsa Mat or the Pulse-A-Mat, PGX Fiber Supplements and the T-Fal Actifry Deep Fryer.  I cannot post the recap of this segment yet, since this episode of Doctor Oz has not yet aired, but I have done my own research on these products so I thought I’d share what I have learned so far!  And of course, later on today I will post a full recap of everything Dr Oz talks about on this show, so don’t forget to come back.

Dr Oz: Halsa Mat Review

The concept behind the Halsa Mat, a Swedish Acupressure Mat that has been widely used in Europe, is that you can lose weight simply by lying down on Dr Oz Tfal Actifryyour back.  The Halsa Mat or the Pulse-A-Mat is a mat that is made-up of thousands of spikes (8,820 to be precise!) that activate your acupressure points.  One theory is that the Pulse-A-Mat can lower your Cortisol levels, and this controls how much belly fat your body stores.  Other side benefits of the Halsa Mat, according to their website, is that it seems to be great for “back pain, insomnia, migraine headaches, or simply want to relax after a long or stressful day.”  However, the official website did not mention anything about weight loss being a benefit of using the product, so it should be interesting to hear what Dr Oz has to say about this.

Dr Oz: PGX Fiber Supplements

Dr Oz is forever speaking about the importance of getting enough fiber in our diet.  A fiber-rich diet helps everything from constipation to losing weight.  However, most women in America are only getting 12 grams of fiber everyday, and they should be getting 25-30 grams of fiber.  This is where PGX Fiber Supplements come in.  PGX is short for PolyGlycopleX, which is made up of three polysaccharides: sodium alginate, konjac mannan and xanthan gum.  The PGX Fiber Supplements mixture was developed at the University of Toronto in Canada and is touted as a super fiber because it may just be the most effective fiber out there.  PGX Supplements help to curb your cravings so that you eat less while still feeling full and it can also stabilize your blood sugar.  Sounds like the Metamucil on our counters might just have to move over to make room for this super charged fiber!

Dr Oz: T-Fal Actifry Review

Losing weight can be difficult when the junk food cravings hit.  But what if you could eat your favorite fried foods, like french fries or chicken wings, all without the extra fat and calories from being soaked in oil?  In the past, I would have suggested baking these “fried foods” to cut back on the oil and fat.  But Dr Oz found a great kitchen gadget called the T-Fal Actifry Fryer which lets you prepare “fried foods” with very little fat.  For example, you can fry 2 pounds of french fries with just one tablespoon of oil.  Show me any other machine that lets you do this?  The ideas of foods to cook in the T-Fal Actifry keep filling my mind: potato chips, sweet potato fries, egg rolls, pierogies, stir fry… the options seem limitless!


  1. Marilia says

    I have gone on line & done a GOOGLE search for Halsa Mat distributors etc & cannot seem to find where to get them. Can you please direct me accordingly?


  2. Phyllis says

    Hi everyone last year I made enquiries about the Tfal Actifry and discovered they had been withdrawn from the market due to the fact that some had caught fire. Im not sure whether or not this is true however it is rather an expensive item and would like to know whether the manufacturers have rectified the problem. Love to hear from somebody who has one.

  3. Kate Schramm says

    I would like to know why Dr. Oz keeps presenting these types of items without having them thoroughly checked out FIRST. And why does he recommend food like KFC’s grilled chicken when there are reports that it contains cancer causing agents….and these reports have been aired on the network news. I just don’t trust him anymore.

  4. Doris says

    Why is it because Dr. Oz says it’s good for you that we need to take his word for it? The product looks good while being advertised but once you spend the money on it and start using it you might think why did I spend all this money on this product?
    Like anything else common sense is what we have to remember when ordering these miracle products that are suppose to make you loose weight. The only way to loose weight is determination, changing eating habits and exercise.

  5. says

    i’m very interested in pgx supplements, but i have high blood pressure and would like to know if the sodium alginate in it would prevent me from useing it.

  6. MJM says

    I just bought the ActiFry and I love it. I can’t to try more recipes. The product was not withdrawn from the market (I looked up your comment, that was in the UK a few years ago, not in the US). I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond but I think you can get it on amazon.com too.

  7. MN says

    Elanor – Sodium Alginate is a type of fiber from algae,so it should not affect your blood pressure. PGX is great weight control which is beneficial for blood pressure.

  8. Kate Schramm says

    Dr. Oz is always recommending high fiber supplements. Sometimes he recommends the same product, but by a different name. Many supplements are identified by more than one name; often a commercial name as well as a name based on the plant’s scientific name. He never seems to be aware that he is recommending a product he recommended weeks earlier but by another name. The greatest problem with all these recommendations for high feber supplements is that neither Dr. Oz or his guests NEVER mention that all these supplements have a common side effect: GAS, GAS, GAS!!! Even if you drink a lot of water with them – something he seldom recommends – you are still likely to have a gas problem.
    He is surgeon and I’m sure he is a great one. Maybe that is what he should stick to instead of recommending so many,many products to his audience without full disclosure.

  9. Chy says

    I’m sorry to say that Dr. oz’s show is just one big infomercial. If I took all of the item he recommends, i’ d do nothing all day but swallow pills and swills. Bet he’s making a mint of money off all that he tries to push on his show.

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