Dr Oz: The Bra Bulge Liposuction: The Fix


Dr Oz did a show called The Fix to show us how to fix some of our biggest problem areas.  From plastic surgery to non-surgical methods that cost less than $100, Doctor Oz really did a fabulous show on how to make ourselves feel great and look great without breaking the bank.

Bra Bulge Liposuction

Dr Oz brought a viewer named Carmella on the show who Dr Oz Bra Bulge Surgeryalways struggles with “the bra bulge”… you know, that bulge of pesky fat that sticks out on the side of your bra and always shows up when you are wearing a cute little dress or a tank top.  Dr Oz’s guest said she hates seeing her wedding photos because of the bra bulge.  She has tried exercising, she picks up her kids all the time, but there is nothing she can do to target and get rid of that fat.


  1. Jessica Owchar says

    How completely deceitful! The before and after pictures on the bra bulge piece were so covered, you could not tell at all if there were any results. Not to mention, that not either doctor discussed the fact that the woman receiving treatment could achieve desired results by just losing weight. Is this show just becoming a glorified advertisement for cosmetic surgery? Sure looks that way to me.
    Disgusting. Especially when so many million North Americans look to this doctor for legitimate help and advice!

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