Dr Oz: Vitamin D Fights Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer & Uterine Cancer


Dr Oz did a segment called Dr Oz’s Supplement Superstar: Vitamin D.  New research shows that Vitamin D could be a key supplement for preventing cancer.  1,000 studies are currently underway to study Vitamin D.  Doctor Oz said that half of Americans are Vitamin D Deficient, which is a real shame since it may be one of the best way to prevent cancer!

Dr Oz: Why is Vitamin D Important?

Dr Oz showed how Vitamin D isDr Oz Vitamin D Fights Cancer made.  When you are outside, the sun hits your skin and goes into cholesterol molecules, which go to your liver and add a chemical that helps prepare the Vitamin D for the kidneys where they become the actual final version of Vitamin D.  So, for your body to make Vitamin D, you have to go through a three step process:

Dr Oz: How Vitamin D is Made:

1.  You take in sunlight when outside


  1. says

    There is a lot of new information coming out on this. Webmd.com came out with an article about breast cancer and vitamin D on December 15, 2010. Some doctors are saying that vitamin D can eradicate breast cancer.

  2. celia says

    please i wish to know the importance of examining our poop , the color and how to interpret them. thanks

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