Dr Oz: Vitamin D Fights Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer & Uterine Cancer

By on December 16, 2010

Dr Oz did a segment called Dr Oz’s Supplement Superstar: Vitamin D.  New research shows that Vitamin D could be a key supplement for preventing cancer.  1,000 studies are currently underway to study Vitamin D.  Doctor Oz said that half of Americans are Vitamin D Deficient, which is a real shame since it may be one of the best way to prevent cancer!

Dr Oz: Why is Vitamin D Important?

Dr Oz showed how Vitamin D isDr Oz Vitamin D Fights Cancer made.  When you are outside, the sun hits your skin and goes into cholesterol molecules, which go to your liver and add a chemical that helps prepare the Vitamin D for the kidneys where they become the actual final version of Vitamin D.  So, for your body to make Vitamin D, you have to go through a three step process:

Dr Oz: How Vitamin D is Made:

1.  You take in sunlight when outside

2.  Your liver prepares it.

3.  Your kidney turns it on and you get final Vitamin D.

Ok, so what?  Why do we care?  Dr Oz said that we should care because Vitamin D is critical for preventing the following three things: Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer.

Dr Oz: Colon Cancer & Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that Colon Cancer removes the ability of your cells to naturally kill themselves.  If cells have turned bad and do not commit suicide, then you can get Colon Cancer.  Vitamin D helps to tell the bad cells to kill themselves while protecting the normal cells in your body.

Dr Oz: Breast Cancer & Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that Vitamin D interacts with genes inside of Cancer Cells and turns on proteins that kills cancer.  If you think of a cancer cell as a box, vitamin D is like a pair of scissors that can cut through it and turn on an enzyme that explodes the cancer cell.

Dr Oz: Uterine Cancer & Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that Uterine Cancer is very common.  Endometrial Tumors can grow in your uterus and your body will not even notice it.  Researchers have found that if you are heavy, you are more prone to getting Uterine Cancer, because when you are obese, the Vitamin D in your body gets sucked up by the fat cells which leaves less available to you.  Fat makes estrogen too, which stimulates tissue to grow.

Dr Oz: Best Sources of Vitamin D

Dr Oz said that other than the sun, the following are great sources of Vitamin D3:

– Vitamin D Supplements – take 1000 IU per day

– Milk, yogurt, cheese and dairy products are usually enriched with Vitamin D

– Fish like Salmon, Mackarel, and Tuna have Vitamin D

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  1. There is a lot of new information coming out on this. Webmd.com came out with an article about breast cancer and vitamin D on December 15, 2010. Some doctors are saying that vitamin D can eradicate breast cancer.

  2. please i wish to know the importance of examining our poop , the color and how to interpret them. thanks

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