Dr Oz: White Bean Extract & Pickled Peppers Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz: 3 Metabolism Boosters Under $20:  peppers

In this segment, Dr Oz was assisted by several members from his audience to inform everyone on three breakthrough metabolism boosters for under $20.  Along with the inexpensive cost of these items, Dr Oz assured his audience that the items he presented would be easily accessible.  Dr Oz’s three breakthrough metabolism boosters for under $20 are white bean extract, L-Arginine, and pickled peppers.  The white bean extract and L-Arginine can be found online or in vitamin stores, and the pickled peppers can be found at your local grocery store.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract

Dr Oz described white bean extract as a supplement that blocks starch from being absorbed and digested into the body.  When starches are prevented from being absorbed into the body, Dr Oz said that you consume fewer calories which should help you lose fat and gain muscle, thereby leading to better metabolism.  Take one pill per day of white bean extract which should be about $20 for a bottle of 120 tablets.

Dr Oz:  L-Arginine Supplement

Dr Oz said that L-Arginine is another way to get protein into your body.  L-Arginine is an amino acid which helps to build muscle and revs up your metabolism.  Taking this supplement is simple; it can be found for $10 for 100 capsules at vitamin stores, and you take one capsule per day.

Dr Oz: Pickled Peppers

Dr Oz saved his favorite metabolism booster for last!  Doctor Oz said that pickled peppers actually have a double benefit.  The vinegar in the pickled peppers helps prevent the storage of fat.  If you block the body’s ability to store fat, it becomes harder to gain weight.  The other benefit to pickled peppers is that they contain capsaicin which is what makes the peppers hot and spicy and is a chemical that helps your body burn more energy.   Dr Oz said that an extra benefit of eating foods containing capsaicin earlier in the day is that you jump start your metabolism for the day.  How about pickled pepper omelettes for breakfast tomorrow?!



  1. cc says

    i have notiiced,you tell what boosters are good for us, like White Bean Extract but you never put how many mg we should be buying

  2. Natalie says

    I was just wondering where to find the white bean extract pills. Where is a credible place to purchase them from? Thanks!!!

  3. Ann McGrath says

    White Bean Extract – how many mg we should be buying. What strength we should buy for the L”arginine
    thank you

  4. Patricia Wood says

    Dr Oz’s show stated 500mg before two biggest meals for white bean extract which you can google online to find out where to purchase.

  5. Jesus J says

    Where didDr. Oz get that large jar of pickled stuffed peppers, he showed the Audience?

  6. says

    would you have any idea where I can purchase ‘WHITE BEAN POWDER’
    in Australia. preferrably in SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

    Thanking you in anticipation Denis

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