Dr Oz: Best Yoga Pose for Hip Pain & Neti Pot Sinus Cleanse


Dr Oz: Chair Pose Eases Leg Pain

Dr Oz: Best Yoga Pose for Hip Pain & Neti Pot Sinus Cleanse

Dr Oz invited former NFL player Keith Mitchell to share his favorite yoga poses for easing common pain complaints.

Dr. Oz wants you think about the way you handle and treat your pain because if you suffer from back, shoulder, hip, or knee pain he has the solutions you have been waiting for to ease your pain without medication! Would you believe there are 5 simple yoga moves that will alleviate your pain? It is true and that is why Dr. Oz invited former pro football player turned yogi Keith Mitchell to share how yoga changed his life after the pain he suffered while playing in the NFL.

Dr Oz: Best Yoga Pose for Hip Pain

Former football player Keith Mitchell says he suffered a serious injury while playing in the NFL, which led him to learn about yoga and meditation as the most beneficial methods for rehabilitation. He showed Dr. Oz and his audience a few of his favorite yoga poses that will treat your most common pain complaints.

  • Reclining Spinal Twist Pose for Back Pain Relief
  • Modified Crescent Lunge for Hip Pain
  • Half Pigeon Pose for Shoulder Pain
  • Chair Pose for Leg Pain
  • Savasana or Corpse Pose for Full-Body Pain Relief

Dr Oz: Neti Pot Sinus Cleanse

Dr. Oz loves it when viewers write in to share how health advice from the show has changed their life, so he invited a few to play a game called “What’s the Health Doodle” to reveal their favorite tips.

  • Lemon Balm Extract relieves stress and calms your nerves.
  • Using a Neti Pot is good for cleansing your sinuses and preventing infections and headaches.
  • Checking your poop is important because it can reveal underlying health issues.

Have you ever tried a health tip shared by Dr. Oz? Did it change your life?


  1. selma tillman says

    unable to see todays show- can you show the 5 poses on your website?
    would be so grateful for some back and hip pain relief.

  2. Shannon Gentry says

    Would like to see the pose’s again on your website. Also, how often and how long do you hold the pose?

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