Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky On Death Of Mindy McCready & Addiction Stigma

By on March 5, 2013

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky Responsible For Death Of Mindy McCready?

Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Drew Pinksy of Celebrity Rehab about the recent controversy surrounding the television show after the death of Mindy McCready. Mindy appeared on Celebrity Rehab four years ago to begin her battle with addiction, but then committed suicide a few short weeks ago.

Dr Drew Pinsky: ‘Mindy McCready Died Of Stigma’

Dr. Drew Pinsky of Celebrity Rehab told Dr. Oz that the death of Mindy McCready is absolutely devastating. He said it had been about four years since he had seen Mindy as a patient on the reality television show, but they stayed in touch. Dr. Pinksy told Dr. Oz he recently learned she was struggling so he convinced her to check into a psychiatric hospital, but soon after checking out Mindy committed suicide. Dr. Pinksy believes this is due to the stigma attached to addiction, which is exactly what he hoped to eliminate by doing a show like Celebrity Rehab.

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky On Death Of Mindy McCready & Addiction Stigma

Dr Drew Pinsky told Dr Oz he believes Mindy McCready died of the stigma attached to addiction. His purpose in doing Celebrity Rehab is to end that stigma once and for all. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Celebrities Paid To Appear On Celebrity Rehab Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky explained that guests on Celebrity Rehab are paid for their time, which is what pulls them in to appear on the VH1 show, but what happens afterward is what the producers least expected. Dr. Pinksy said that the celebrities initially come in exploiting the show because they are making money to be there, but then they become invested in their recovery and turning it into a positive experience that will hopefully motivate people watching to get help as well. Dr. Pinsky added that all celebrities who are treated through the program are offered after care services to help them continue with their recovery.

Dr Drew Pinsky: Addiction Equally As Deadly As Cancer?

Dr. Oz wondered if everyone receives the same level of treatment at Dr. Pinsky’s facility, whether they are a celebrity or not, and Dr. Drew said it does not matter. He told Dr. Oz that everyone is given the same quality and level of care to help them beat their addiction. Dr. Drew believes that addiction is as serious as some cancers and equated what you see on TV when you watch Celebrity Rehab to seeing Dr. Oz perform open heart surgery on his stage. Dr. Pinsky explained that his role is to provide acute care for his addiction patients on Celebrity Rehab and then refer them to other professionals for their long-term recovery needs.

Dr Oz: Addiction Linked To Half Of All Preventable Deaths

Dr. Oz shared the startling statistic that half of all preventable deaths are related to addiction. Dr. Drew Pinsky said the reason he got involved in treating people with addiction is because he believes it to be one of the biggest health threats of our time. The sad reality is that more people will die from the disease of addiction, including Celebrity Rehab participants. Dr. Pinsky said he would like to hope this is not the case and that Mindy McCready’s death will not be in vain.

Dr Oz: Celebrity Rehab Criticism

Dr. Drew Pinsky told Dr. Oz that the harsh criticism is very painful to hear regarding the fact celebrities he treated, like Mindy McCready, died due to their addiction. He went on to say, however, that he does not feel responsible for their deaths. Dr. Drew clarified that no celebrities died while in his care and in the case of Mindy it was four years after she received treatment in his facility that she committed suicide. He wishes he could have more responsibility, but his time is limited to 18 days before patients leave and move on with their lives and their ongoing recovery. Dr. Drew Pinksy reiterated the fact that he provides acute stabilization of patients, but then much of their treatment has to be self-motivated.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky On Death Of Mindy McCready & Addiction Stigma

  1. Being someone that suffers from depression, I wish people would realize that when someone is in such a dark place that they are suicida,l that they probably don’t even know what they are doing when they act out suicidally. I know I don’t. until it is hind sight, if you make it out it scares the bejeezers out of you. Stigma, in that state is deadly. If you are on the edge, it will push you over. I think papparazzi should be held accountable for their part in these deaths. A person cannot control their brain chemicals. The Papparazzi “Can” control their camera’s…..PS depression happens to non drug users too.

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