Dr Oz: How Birth Order Predicts Health Issues + PTSD in Youngest Child


Dr Oz: Birth Order & Personality Traits

What is your birth order? Whether you are the first born, the middle child, or an only child it can reveal a lot about your personality, but new research shows it can also tell a lot about your health. Dr. Jen Hartstein sat down with Dr. Oz to discuss how your birth order can predict potential health issues.

Dr Oz: Youngest Children are “Mindful Manipulators”

Psychologist Dr. Jen Hartstein says our personalities can determine whether we are more prone to stress or anxiety, as well as other health issues, and birth order definitely plays a role in determining which ones we are more likely to struggle with throughout our lives.
The youngest child, or “mindful manipulator”, really understands how to work the system by sitting back and watching and learning as things play out in their family. The good thing is that the youngest child is often less likely to get sick or have allergies, but since they often picked on by older siblings growing up, they are at an increased risk for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome).


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    I am the oldest of 6 yet have all the symptoms of the middle Child. I lost my younger Brother at 50, My sister who was younger 67 both to cancer and I have many medical problems. High BP , stents put in Bipolar disorder and am always trying to keep peace in my family. It is very stressful. What would u suggest. I have had 2 back surgeries that the 2end one did not help much.
    I am 72. and take a lot of medication.

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