Dr Oz: How To Treat a Blister, Abby Lee Miller & Blister Prevention


Abby Lee Miller: Dr Oz’s ‘Assistant of the Day’

In a surprise twist, Dr. Oz brought out a special guest to be his “Assistant of the Day”. Can you guess who it is? World famous dance instructor Abby Lee Miller of the television show Dance Moms joined Dr. Oz to talk about the best way to treat a blister, which is something she knows a little about since blisters are a pretty common problem for dancers.

Dr Oz: Best Way to Treat a Blister

Dr. Oz explained that blisters occur when there a constant amount of friction or rubbing in one area of the body, like on the back of the foot for a dancer. Blisters can cause a lot of pain, but Abby says the best way to deal with them is to pop them. The problem is that most people do not realize there is a proper way to pop a blister and there is a wrong way to do it, so Dr. Oz explained.

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