Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne’s MS Diagnosis & Battle with Addiction & Obesity


Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne Symptoms of MS

Jack Osbourne has spent a great deal of his life in the public spotlight, including his family’s reality show The Osbournes. All of that attention took a toll on him as a teenager as he struggled with Dyslexia, Depression, and his weight. Jack turned to drugs and alcohol, which led to an addiction and a suicide attempt all before he turned 17 years old. Rehab helped Jack and he has been sober and healthy for 10 years!

Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne’s MS Diagnosis

Dr Oz: Jack Osbourne's MS Diagnosis & Battle with Addiction & Obesity

Jack Osbourne says the key to his sobriety and overall health is having something to live for, which in his case is his daughter Pearl. She keeps him motivated to be the very best he can be every single day. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

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