Dr Oz: 5 Steps to Become a Happy Person & Social Media Breaks


Dr Oz: Happy People Take Social Media Breaks

Dr. Oz says it is time to stop walking around feeling mad and upset all the time because when you are happy it adds years to your life. Today he reveals the 5 things happy people know that you don’t and before you know it you will be the happier person you have always wanted to be.

Dr Oz: Happy People Show Gratitude

Dr. Oz says there are simple things that happy people do every single day that the rest of us do not, but the good news is that they are easy to accomplish and could have a huge impact on your life. He surveyed 3,000 people to find the common thread between those who are happy and now he is ready to share their secret with you. It is time for you to take the steps to living a happier life while also reducing your risk for heart disease, boosting your immunity, and living a longer life.

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