Dr Oz : Social Media Break Reduces Stress & Cleansing Nightcap Recipe


Dr Oz: Take a Social Media Break To Reduce Stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overstressed and just plain worn out? If so, this is the Dr. Oz show for you! Dr. Oz has a 24 hour stress cleanse that will help you reduce your anxiety and the negative impact it has on your health! Get ready to detox and take control of your body!

Dr Oz: Cleansing Nightcap Recipe

Dr. Oz said if you have 15 minutes to spend at the grocery store and less than $50 in your wallet, he has the solution to wipe away your stress with his 24 hour stress cleanse! The plan is simple but packed with health benefits to help you de-stress your life. Are you ready to begin? The first step is to enjoy a cleansing nightcap the evening before you begin your 24 stress cleanse. Dr. Rajita Sinha, director of the Yale Stress Center, said this is because you want to prepare by getting a really restful night of sleep.

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