Dr Oz: Technique to Stop Vertigo Dizziness & What is Vertigo?


Dr Oz: What Causes Dizziness?

Dr. Oz wanted to help everyone understand why we get dizzy after spinning around in circles, so he called down his “Assistant of the Day” to help him explain. The first key question Dr. Oz says everyone needs to ask themselves is whether they feel they are spinning and everything around them is still or if they believe they are still and everything else is spinning around them.



  1. 20candycane13 says

    I experienced this one morning when I rolled over and became dizzy and nauseous. I sat down and tried to get up again an hour later and still felt crummy; if I moved my head I felt worse. I read online that one thing that helped was to take a Dramimine; I took one and felt like my old self

  2. Mandy Gutting says

    Thank you for the tip but it does not work for me. It makes my dizziness worse! Mine last for a month or more straight. There is no for 5 minutes or anything. Only time I feel fine is when I finally am able to sleep. No one can help me. No one!!

  3. Jennifer McDonell says

    To Mandy. I know how you feel and I am praying for you. I am lightheaded constantly with vertigo intermittently. I have found that placing an ice pack at the base of my skull and one on my forehead helps relieve or sometimes even stop the vertigo from coming on. I sit or lay with icepacks all the time and am able to get up and around for part of the day without spinning. I share this with you to offer some hope knowing you’re not alone and maybe if you try this it could help you.

  4. tamara l. roberts says

    my husband has this and has had it for months. there has only been 2 days in the past 2 months that he was not dizzy or throwing up. I dont know if we should go to the doctor again because we have gone to the er several times they always tell him there isnt anything wrong. he cant work or eat because of feeling nausae all the time. we need help.

  5. Yvonne myers says

    I had this it is called positional vertigo I kept thinking it was gonna go away so after months of this I went to ent dr they performed eply maneuver twice in a period of two weeks all symptoms have vanished I am utterly indebted to the dr after all those months of suffering

  6. says

    I rolled over in bed one morning with the room spinning, tried to get out of bed & fell to the floor like a tree frog gripping the carpet. Tried to crawl to the bathroom going sideways with no sense of direction then finally somehow made it & threw up until I busted veins in my eyes. It was an out of body experience that lasted about 10 days,I had to sit looking forward with a cervical collar on & as long as I absolutely did not move I did not start getting the dizziness. Finally got in to an ENT doctor & they performed some therapy moves/adjustments with my neck & head to reset my ear crystals, I went back 3 times for this it did help. I pray that it never comes back but have had short episodes twice a year now. You absolutely have no control , I would have to stand against my husbands back & hold on while he walked me slowly to the bathroom.

  7. ROBYN says

    I tok have vertigo,it stsrted after i had a series of sinus infections.I would have 2-3 spells a day with dizziness, and throwing up.i worked with the public so i stood slot,i had a bad spell,lost my bslance and fell down,from that time on e wks ago,i had to take leave,saw a ent,said it was not posigional vertigo,he thought it was menieres disease or labinthytis,which both are damage to the inner ear.I have an appt. With another ent,going to do a hearing test,and lazer test tobsee what my eyes are doing during these spells.Im depressed cant go virtually snywhere,csnt drive,im 5i never dreamt this vould happen to me.

  8. Preston Smith says

    I have vertigo when I stand up, as a result of a dog bite 2 years ago.
    Any help and suggestions highly appreciated thanks.

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