Dr Phil: She Didn’t Start the Fire? False Police Reports + Fake Calls


Dr Phil: Framed Her Ex, Got Caught and Went To Prison

Dr Phil welcomed 26-year-old Jessica to his show. She made the news in 2011 when she framed her ex-boyfriend. She accused him of abuse, stalking, and arson at her mom’s house. Later, Jessica admitted that she made up the whole thing and even started the fire.

Now, Jessica claims that her confession was coerced, so I guess she didn’t start the fire? She visited Dr Phil after spending a year in prison for criminal harassment and public mischief. But that’s not all. Jessica told Dr Phil that she found love behind bars.

Dr Phil: She Didn’t Start the Fire?

Dr Phil: She Didn't Start the Fire? False Police Reports + Fake Calls

Dr Phil met Jessica, who framed her ex-boyfriend for harassment and arson. Now she’s saying her confession was coerced and she didn’t start the fire. (Digital Storm / Shutterstock.com)


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