Dr Phil: Why Would a Father Hire a Hitman To Murder His Own Daughter?


Dr Phil: A Family Divided Over An Unsolved Murder

A murder mystery has become a looming unanswered question in the lives of Penny and Ted. Shannon, Penny’s 40-year-old sister, was murdered in 2009, and the crime has been unsolved ever since. But Penny’s theory is that their father Ted hired a hitman to murder Shannon.

Though it was initially investigated as an accident, neither Penny nor Ted thought this was the case. Shannon was discovered dead in her SUV, which had been in an accident. Ted’s theory is that one of Shannon’s business rivals killed her and staged the crash.

Dr Phil: My Dad Murdered My Sister

Dr Phil: Why Would a Father Hire a Hitman To Murder His Own Daughter?

Dr Phil spoke with Penny, who thinks that her father Ted hired a hitman to murder her sister Shannon. The 2009 homicide has yet to be solved by police. (concept w / Shutterstock.com)


  1. Penny-Rae says

    Knowing this was going to be a case of he said / she said / she said…why did the producers not prepare to give them each polygraph test before they left the show and let the viewers know who took it and who refused? Did producers ask the Servier Sheriff’s dep’t. whether they asked the father to take a polygraph? What about the gun story? Story interesting. Show a fail.

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