Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Weight Loss Plan: Weight Watchers Points Plus


Dr Oz did a segment called the Cutting Edge Plan to Lose Weight.  If you are fed up with being overweight and want to change, Doctor Oz said that he has just the Cutting Edge Plan for us.  This segment seemed to mainly be a promotion for the Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan, but here is what they said so that we can apply the tips to any diet that we may be on.

Dr Oz: Cutting Edge Plan to Lose Weight

Dr Oz brought on a mom that had just lost 30 pounds when she happily learned that she was having a baby.Dr Oz Cutting Edge Diet Plan She gained it all back during her pregnancy and her baby was born in August.  Although she says that being a mom is the most amazing experience, she still feels pregnant because the weight is just not coming off.  She is even wearing a girdle – an old Victorian Secret.  She wants to lose the baby weight badly and go Girdle-Free!

Dr Oz: Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan

The mom said that the hardest part about being a new mom is the sleep deprivation.  You have to balance career, being a wife, and being a mom so you are left with almost no time for yourself.  Dr Oz asked her why she is ready to make the change now.  She said that she cannot take it anymore.  She wants to be a hot, attractive, young mom and not a chunky mom.

Dr Oz Truth Tube Results

Her Truth Tube Results were:


  1. slendereyes says

    where can I find the jeans that Fatima Robinson was wearing during her workout for the “soul train video”?

  2. Diane Benoit says

    Dr Oz: Watch show as often as possible-am 71 need to be on a diet, plan on joining
    Weight Watchers. Am diabetic – 20 years or so. have been at 6.5 for a long time
    but went to 7.0 when I switched from Actos to Januvamet (?). Am on glyburides,pravastatin
    and lisinopril as well as Januvamet (?) or Janumet. Weight has started going down 5 lbs in
    3 months – Worried about diet on weight watchers.

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