Dr Oz: D-Mannose Powder Prevents UTI’s


Dr Oz: UTI Prevention

Dr Oz did a segment on UTI’s or Urinary Tract Infections, because many of us get them over and over again.  He came up with a list of cutting-edge ways to prevent UTI’s.  This is not the first time that Doctor Oz has spoken about this topic though, you can get more great information from a recap of a previous show that he did here: Dr Oz: UTI Miracle Cure & UTI At Home Test

Dr Oz: Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

Doctor Oz said that 50% of women or more have had at least one Urinary Tract Infection in their life.  That means that every woman has either had a UTI Dr Oz Urinary Tract Infectionsor has a friend who had one.  Some of the classic signs of a UTI include burning, pain and frequent urination.  I remember my first UTI happened in high school, and it was so bad that I did not want to drink anything because it hurt so badly to urinate (which of course only made things worse!).


  1. Porter Reagan says

    I got d-Mannose from Walgreen’s
    Trying it. Pray it works. I’ve had many
    bouts with recurring UTI’s.

  2. Porter Reagan says

    I just bought d-Mannose from Walgreen’s.

    Wish me luck. I’ve recurring UTI’s

  3. Eliza says

    I get recurring utis even though I am very clean and careful. At 44 my body is changing. I just completed a ten day course of antibiotics. I can no longer take cipro due to anaphylaxis. Anyway, the meds worked for about a week and the uti came back. I get e-coli infections and it smells like a barn when I pee. It is awful. Out of frustration I bought d-mannose and faithfully stuck to a 2 hour dosing schedule. This morning there was no more odor. It is not totally gone, but almost. I am going to keep taking the d-mannose. I recommend it completely!

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