Dr Oz: Rhodiola & L-Arginine Remedies & Dosage

Dr Oz: Home Remedies with Rhodiola & L-Arginine

Dr Oz’s show spoke about remedies involving Rhodiola Supplements or L-Arginine Supplement, which might be exactly what you need!  Doctor Oz’s Assitant-Of-The-Day, Lynn, was very excited.  Dr Oz that 40% of women have problems in the bedroom, so if you are one of them, you are not alone!

Dr Oz: Pumpkin Seeds Zinc Dosage

Dr Oz’s first cause for problems is a loss of Testosterone.  If you do not have any testosterone, then everything is unbalanced.  There are lots Dr Oz Rhodiola & L-Arginine Remediesof myths about foods that boost your zinc, but Pumpkin Seeds really work.  Doctor Oz said that Pumpkin Seeds have Zinc, which prevents your body from getting rid of Testosterone.  Try eating 1/4 cup of Pumpkin Seeds.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine Remedy

Doctor Oz’s second cause for problems can be cured with L-Arginine.  One option is to eat watermelon, which is delicious of course.  Watermelon relaxes your blood vessels.  The second option is to take L-Arginine Supplements, which dilate blood vessels.

Dr Oz: Rhodiola Supplements

Dr Oz’s final solution is for an emotional component, which is something that women ignore all the time.  If you take Rhodiola Supplements, they increase the Dopamine and Seratonin levels in your body, which let your body cope with stress.  Dilute 20-30 drops of Rhodiola in a glass of water.  Doctor Oz also said that chocolate covered strawberries is a great choice, because the dark chocolate increases your dopamine so that you feel good, and the strawberries give you some extra energy.  Make sure the dark chocolate is 70% cocoa or more though!



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    quite interesting your info about watermelon, chocolate, strawberries and of course l arginine. What i like to know is daily safe doses, side effects and waiting period before effects are visibles. Thanks for your attention!

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    Very interesting your comments about straberries, chocolate, watermelons, and of course l arginine. Please adviseme about daily safety doses, side effects, time of treatment and time to see effects. Thank you!

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