Dr Oz: Stress Incontinence: Collagen Injection

Dr Oz did a segment on an embarrassing condition called Stress Incontinence, which is where the slightest laugh or cough can make you leak urine.  Doctor Oz said that 50 million women suffer from Stress Incontinence and that many of them are too ashamed to seek out help.  Dr Oz, along with his Assistant-Of-The-Day, explained why Stress Incontinence happens and what you can do to help it, including a Super Exercise and a Collagen Injection.

Dr Oz: What Is Stress Incontinence?

When you laugh or cough, do you ever have urine squirt out?  If so, you could be one of the many people with Stress Incontinence.  Usually there is a kink in your urethra that keeps your Dr Oz Incontinencepee from leaking out, but due to a variety of different causes, if the kink gets straightened out, the urine can leak out, especially if you are laughing or coughing.

Dr Oz: Super Exercise

Dr Oz said that one way to help with Stress Incontinence is to do The Super exercise.  Stand with your legs crossed (one leg in front of the other), and push down like you are trying to sit and poop.  This will help to strengthen your muscles.

Dr Oz: Collagen Injection for Incontinence

Dr Oz said that there is a new procedure for people with Stress Incontinence where your doctor injects collagen into the place where your bladder meets with your urethra.  This helps prevent urine from leaking out.  Dr Oz also mentioned that if you are overweight, you may be more prone to Stress Incontinence because you have extra weight squeezing down and straightening out the kink.  Yet another good reason to lose weight in my book!


  1. elizabeth conrad says

    Dr Oz had a doctor on in early June that had a simple stitch or band inserted that grows with the body that helps with female stress incontinence. I dont see it refernced anywhere on the web site. I would like to know what this proceedure is called so that I can talk to my doctor about it.

  2. Angela Reimer says

    Have been reading through information on incontinence which I found very interesting.
    I also watched the very informative programme on this subject but since then I have
    been trying to find where I can purchase the Exercise Weight to no avail.
    Can someone please let me know where I can purchase this. Thank you. I also
    must mention that I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

  3. peggy says

    If you can take collagen injections for incontinence, is there a reason that you cannot take collagen injections for wrinkles?

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