Dr Oz: Antioxidant Food Sources & Brazil Nuts Good Source Of Selenium


Dr Oz: Shrimp a Good Source Of Vitamin A?

Dr. Oz was revealing the truth about antioxidant supplements! Could they cause cancer rather than prevent the disease? Dr. Oz was shocked to learn of new research that shows this could be the case!

Dr Oz: How Much Broccoli Provides a Full Dose Of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant so Dr. Oz asked if you could guess how much broccoli you would need to eat in order to meet your daily dose of Vitamin C. Go ahead, take a guess!

  1. Less than a cup
  2. 3 cups
  3. 10 cups

The correct answer is actually less than a cup. Do you eat broccoli every day? It certainly seems like an easy way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C!

Dr Oz: Vitamin A Food Sources

Dr Oz: Antioxidant Food Sources & Brazil Nuts Good Source Of Selenium

Dietitian Ashley Koff said you can get your daily dose of Selenium by eating just one Brazil nut!


  1. Larry Bee says

    We regularly eat an entire sweet potato with our meals, once or twice a week, and a whole sweet potato has been listed at 22,000 IU, or eight times the Oz recommendation (should the Oz recommendation be 1/8 of a sweet potato). This suggests that it might be possible to get too much vitamin A in our food if we are not careful (I used to eat half of the sweet potato tray we made for dinner, which probably was over 50,000 IU of vitamin A).

    I think, but am not sure, that an occasional excess of vitamin A may not be as life threatening as a long term overdosing (by Oz recommendations), although it isn’t optimum.

  2. Kenhi Drewes says

    I recently watched a show on sleep periods and foods that can improve sleep patterns. I have never been a good sleeper and was in the 5 hour range. Dr. OZ noted that Brazil nuts were high in Selinium and could be a cure for this problem. I bought some nuts the next day and ate a handful. The effect was immediate. That night I slept 7 hours, and the next night 7.5 hours. Sleeping that long never would have otherwise been possible in the past. I might sleep that long once or twice a year but never two nights in a row. I awoke totally well rested and did not feel like nodding off during the day. Amazing!!!

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