Dr Oz: Scombroid Food Poisoning from Fish & Farm Raised Salmon Dye


Dr Oz: Farm Raised Salmon Contains Artificial Dye?

Dr. Oz says his super fans probably know how much he loves fish, especially since it is so heart-healthy, but he has learned a few things about his favorite food that you might find gross. He invited Peter DeLucia to talk about the super gross things you probably don’t know about fish, but the good news is that gross does not necessarily mean unhealthy.

Dr Oz: How to Tell if There Are Worms in Your Fish

Peter DeLucia tells Dr. Oz that he spent a day with commercial fishermen to see what it takes to catch, clean, gut, and fillet a fish before bringing it to market for sale and he says they did a great job. He did have a few concerns, though, so he shared them with Dr. Oz.


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