Dr Andrew Weil: DGL Supplement Review & Pistachios for Digestion


Dr Oz: Probiotic Benefits

Dr. Oz is taking you somewhere that you have never been before because today he is bringing you behind closed doors and into the home of Dr. Andrew Weil for Dr. Weil’s 5 Essentials you Need Now. Dr. Weil is one of the most well known integrative medicine doctors and he says there are foods and remedies that he uses in his home every day and you should, too. He already took us for a peek into his refrigerator, his bathroom, and even his bedroom, but there is still much more he has to share to improve your life and have you on your way to optimal health, like his DGL supplement review.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Sleep Solution

Dr Andrew Weil: DGL Supplement Review & Pistachios for Digestion

Dr. Andrew Weil says that eating a serving of 47 Pistachios will aid in digestion because they filled one of the healthiest nuts and filled with fiber.


  1. Manny Alfano says

    I’m a diabetic. I take med. to lower my Blood presure, and I had BY-PASS SURGERY Can I take DGL

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