Dr. Oz: How Can We Have a Health Do-Over? Weight Loss & Eating Right


Dr. Oz: Health Do-Over

Dr. Oz talked about people who wish they could have a health do-over. If you’ve been living a bad health lifestyle for a long time, how can you hit the restart button and try again?

Christine is a woman wishing for the health restart button. She’s 39, a wife, and a mother of three children. She wants a health do-over because she grew up eating fried foods and drinking lots of soda. She ate a lot of candy as a kid and even now as an adult, she enjoys ice cream. This lifestyle has given her high blood pressure and diabetes.


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    The health do-over is something everyone can do. I found eliminating things completely doesn’t work. Start with the worst offender which for most people is sugar. You can cut several hundred calories per day just from beverages. Instead of soda try seltzer. Instead of high calorie coffee drinks, try tea sweetened with stevia or monk fruit powder. Herbal teas can give you the variety of flavor you may crave and can provide a wealth of health benefits. Hibiscus, lavender, rose, lemongrass, and ginger are all delicious and good for you.

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