Dr. Oz: Divorced Mother Putting Other People’s Needs Before Her Own


Dr. Oz: Divorced Mother Starting Over

Dr. Oz recently got a letter about a woman named Jean, a mother whose recent divorce is taking a toll on her life and health. When her husband left her alone with three kids, her friends all became concerned. Jean works hard to appear okay, but her friends worried she was upset. One of her daughters said that Jean doesn’t sleep, barely eats, and is often exhausted. One of Jean’s kids has a heart condition and asthma and Jean often takes her to the doctor. But she never goes to the doctor herself. Jean always makes sure everyone is okay and ignores her own needs.

Dr. Oz: Mom Putting Others Before Herself

Dr. Oz: Divorced Mother Putting Other People's Needs Before Her Own

Dr. Oz talked to a divorced mother of three whose friends and family reached out to Oz because she’s not taking care of her life and health properly. (HuHu / Shutterstock.com)

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