Dr Oz: How To Balance Your Body & Reduce Stress With Energy Healing


Dr Oz: Energy Healing Reduces Stress

Do you believe in alternative medicine as a way to heal the body? Would you consider energy healing to treat a health problem? Dr. Oz talked with Dr. Eric Pearl about his Reconnective Healing therapy, which many people say has powerful benefits, but some in the medical community are skeptical as to whether it really works or not. Find out what Dr. Oz had to say about it!

Dr Oz Reconnective Healing Demonstration Improves Woman’s Mobility

Dr. Eric Pearl said his Reconnective Healing therapy is an energy form of treating patients that has been beneficial to many people he has treated. While some are still very skeptical of this form of alternative medicine, Dr. Oz wants to learn more about it so he invited an audience member who had never met Dr. Pearl to experience his form of energy healing for the limited mobility in her arms and shoulders.


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    I have a Reconnective Healing practice in NJ, and I’ve certainly seen amazing transformations in my life and my clients’ lives. Many do heal physically, but nearly everyone receives healing on the mental and emotional levels which certainly are not to be taken for granted. People with extreme depression and anxiety have truly been able to live their lives again after Reconnective Healing assisted them in returning to balance. It can go well beyond just the mind-body connection, as one of my clients has said “I believe Reconnective Healing encodes one with energies to precipitate growth even months after the sessions.” This does appear to be true, as our personal growth process is certainly catalyzed in the days, weeks, and even months following a session.

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