Dr. Oz: Anorexia Signs & Symptoms- Anorexia in Men- Bryan, 76 lbs

By on April 8, 2010

Doctor Oz did a show on anorexia to teach us that eating disorders are not just for women.  Dr. Oz brought Bryan on his show.  Bryan has been struggling with Anorexia for 20 years and his Anorexia is killing him.  Bryan is 40 years old and weighs 76 pounds.  He knows he needs to live to eat, he says it is a “no brainer,” but something in his head stops him from being able to eat – he is slowly starving to death.  Anyone who saw this episode of Dr. Oz could not help but be highly concerned and worried for Bryan and his family.

Bryan does not want to die, but he said that his life is pretty much just an existence at this point.  Bryan used to be a runner and hiker, he has a masters in science and was pre-med… he worked in zoos and aquariums and taught both high school and undergraduate students.  Bryan is very well spoken, he said that Anorexia is the most illogical and diabolical disease – there is no logic behind Anorexia.  When Bryan sees his body in the mirror, he says he knows that it looks like something that belongs in a tombstone.  This surprised me, because I thought that most people with Anorexia would look in the mirror and see a fat person, even though they were thin.

Bryan has gone to therapists and had Anorexic treatments.  Some days Bryan cannot even get out of bed now, he cannot connect with people on a social level, he is unable to hang out with friends or have a meaningful relationship and start his own family.  Dr. Oz took Bryan to the truth tube to see what Anorexia means to his physical body:

Bryan’s Anorexic Truth Tube Results:

Weight: 76 pounds (his lowest weight has been 75 pounds)

Body Fat: Under 4% (Dr. Oz’s machine only can measure 4% body fat, but Bryan’s is underneath that level)

Triglycerides: 20 (should be in the 100 range)

Blood Sugar: 32 (Dr. Oz said this is the level where people pass out on the floor)

White Blood Cell Count: 1.4 (normally your white blood cell count is in the 6-8 range).

Dr. Oz said that basically Bryan is walking in a fog because there is not enough fat for his brain’s needs and the risk for infection is very high due to such a low white blood cell count.  Dr. Oz listened to Bryan’s heart and said it was very faint and slow.  The heart has a pacemaker cell that needs certain salts and nutrients to make an electrical signal to cause your heart to beat.  Bryan’s heart is not doing this because he does not have the salts and nutrients in his diet that the pacemaker cell needs – so his heart is more or less just quivering.

Dr. Tom Hildebrandt, from New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, said that men can tolerate a lower percentage body fat than woman and still be healthy.  So an Anorexic man can appear healthy for longer and still have Anorexia.

Signs & Symptoms of Male Anorexia:

1.  Any rapid weight loss, even if the male falls in a healthy weight range, should raise a concern about Anorexia.

2.  If a man has obsessions or compulsions around their weight or eating, you should question if he has Anorexia.

Dr. Oz and Dr. Hildebrandt are sure that Bryan can improve his life, but this is his last chance.  Michelle Klinedinst is going to help Bryan go through rehab in Arizona.  It will be a slow progress of getting Bryan to eat food slowly, but even Bryan is hopefully optimistic.  We will be cheering you on Bryan and praying for your full recovery from Anorexia!

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Comments to Dr. Oz: Anorexia Signs & Symptoms- Anorexia in Men- Bryan, 76 lbs

  1. Dr. Oz,

    My heart really goes out to Bryan. Please let him know that I saw a beautiful man robbed of all the joy of life from this terrible disease. My heart cried for him to know that he was created for much better things than the life that he is living. Please let him know that I am praying for his very soul and wellbeing and that God truly loves him.

    My father-in-law and his wife came to live with us about a year and a half ago. When we took them on Ray who is six feet tall weighed in at about 136lbs. Though he was not as thin as Bryan he was well on his way to getting there and he said he had no clue he was so thin. It has taken a complete year of sheer battle with him but I have gotten his weight up to 178. Now he continually states that he is over weight and has started cutting back on his food. I told him he could do that but if I saw him dropping weight he would again be on a strict schedule. He continually makes poor choices valuing junk food and candy over good rice, vegitables, chicken or just take you pick. Now I buy the best cuts of meat from a gentleman who raises his own cattle who live two years on the plains before slaughter. My point is I am a nutrition fanatic and he drives me nuts. I feel that we have made good progress with him though through positive reinforcement and encouragement. He says he wears a size 28 pants, but today when he left off his suspenders they practically fell off of him. I said yeah I see you are wearing a size 38 pair of pants that you cannot walk two steps in without holding them up :) We laughted as I said sure you do!

  2. Please tell Bryan to look into being a RAW VEGAN! He can eat low fat this way and still be healthy. He just needs to eat more. I hope he and anyone else looking for a change looks into this! There is a lot of information on the internet and social networks. Just google “raw vegan” to get started! Eat more greens and veggies. Make green smoothies (greens with frozen fruit and juice or water). Look into the medicinal values of foods. Start a garden. Gain back your vitality. Blessings.

  3. Also raw veganism is an extremely healthy and sustainable way that you can eat for the rest of your life!

  4. Facundo delia says:

    Personally I am suffering from anorexia and bulimia. I am 21 years ole and vetan when I was 19. It is ver hardware and complicated to ave a celar mine of wat to do I know that it is killing me slowly but can not ave the strenght to fight my mine to overcome my situation. Actually my weight is 118 rounds and the percentaje of fat is 4 . What can I do it is Nike fighting and enema incide my who is winningÚ

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