Dr Oz: Glaucoma, Cataracts, Detached Retina: Causes of Blindness


Dr Oz: Blindness Causes

Dr Oz spoke about the three most common causes of blindness: Glaucoma, Cataracts and a Detached Retina.  Do you know the symptoms for these eye problems and their risk factors?  Doctor Oz said that millions of you will lose your eyesight because you will not recognize these eye problems early enough.  Make sure to pass this article on to everyone you know so that we can help prevent blindness caused by Cataracts, Glaucoma and Detached Retinas!

Dr Oz: Cataracts Risk Factors

Dr Oz said that blurry vision is often the first classic sign of having Cataracts.  When a person develops Cataracts, they get a cloudy mass inside of their eye’s lens.  A doctor can make an Dr Oz Glaucomaincision and remove it, especially when it is caught early.  Doctor Oz said that by the time we are 80 years old, half of us will have Cataracts.  Some of the risk factors for Cataracts include sun exposure and Diabetes.  Here are a couple more Dr Oz recaps from shows where he spoke about Cataracts: Dr Oz: How to Treat & Prevent Aging Eyes Over 40 and Dr Oz: Cataracts.

Dr Oz: Detached Retina Risk Factors

Dr Oz said that a sign of a Detached Retina is when you see little dark things floating in your vision along with flashes of bright light.  This happens because you form a thick gel on the inside of your eye which tears the delicate tissue of your Retina.  When the Retina gets ripped, it fills with blood and can make you blind.  Risk factors for Detached Retinas include Diabetes, Near Sightedness and having a Family History of Detached Retinas.  Doctor Oz said that if this condition is caught in time, your doctor can reattach your Retina and save your vision.

Dr Oz: Glaucoma Risk Factors

Dr Oz said that if your vision becomes black around the outside, and you mainly can only see a small portion of your normal vision, then you could have Glaucoma.  The following people are at the highest risk of having Glaucoma:

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