Dr. Oz: Inside Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)


Doctor Oz did a segment on his show about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), including the symptoms of OCD and treatments for OCD.  1 in 40 million Americans have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety disorder where you have fear of all kids of different things and are literally forced to repeat certain actions over and over again, such as washing your hands or checking that you locked the front door.  Most people get OCD when they become adults (at the age of 21 years old), however some children (even 10 year olds) can become Obsessive Compulsive.  Men and women get OCD with equal frequency, but younger boys seem to get it more than younger girls.  Unfortunately, there is usually a large gap between when a person starts to get OCD and when they get treated because they are embarrassed… if you are reading this and have OCD, please do not be embarrassed!  Leave a comment below and lets all support each other to get through this very difficult disorder!  Dr. Oz said that a study was done and found that 13% of people with OCD have tried to commit suicide… please, if you are reading this and considering suicide, seek help immediately… you are loved (especially by us at wellbuzz.com!!!)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Definition:

1.  Obsessions

An obsession is any idea or thought that involuntarily goes through your mind and you can’t get it to go away.  Often these distracting thoughts are bothersome.  Common obsessions include worrying about dirt or germs, fear of hurting other people and a desire for symmetry or everything to be in a certain order.  Other obsessions you can’t get to disappear, even though you may personally find the thoughts disturbing, such as violent thoughts, or religious images.

2.  Compulsions

A compulsion is an action or ritual that you feel you have to repeat over and over again.  For example, compulsions commonly include cleaning in general, washing your hands, checking that doors or locked, checking that you have turned off switches or other appliances, or organizing and rearranging things constantly.  A compulsion could even be something more basic like counting, tapping, or praying repetitively.  Usually, a person repeats these compulsions to feel in control and safe, which helps to counteract the fear instilled in them by their obsession.


  1. Rhonda Holt says

    Dr Oz. I came across your show in tears.. I have chronic OCD and have almost died a few times from this and go thru the suicide thoughts with in it.. My disorder is cutting my hair and spending up to 12 hrs or longer locked n a bathroom cutting it until I am so swollen and can not hardly stand.. I also cut my eyebrows and recently cut off my eyelashes too.. I been doing this for years and have which most call the thinnest hair on a woman and its caused such low self esteem and I suffer from other serious health issues… I live each day hoping its my last and fight through the day trying to be someone I am not.. I dont know what to do and family and friends dont seem to understand thinking you are just crazy…I thank you for the show and its made me think alot but I have something much more chronic going on then I think the show can fix.. If you have any help or advice for me I do hope to hear back from you… Sincerely Rhonda Holt, Pleasant Grove, Utah

  2. says

    Hello Rhonda… this website (wellbuzz.com) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. Oz, we are just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan website… So we cannot speak on behalf of Dr. Oz or give medical advice… that being said, I would beg you to please seek medical attention, particularly if you are having suicidal thoughts. I am sure there are doctors and medical help in your area that would love to help you. What we can offer is to try to arrange support groups through wellbuzz.com. If there are other people with OCD out there, please leave a comment or contact us directly so that we can connect everyone… I think a support group could be very helpful! Any other thoughts?

  3. Rhonda Holt says

    .Dear Dr Oz, I have a rare form of OCD, and been doing research for years…After thinking I was the only one out there with this bizarre but strange behavior I decided to start to search for others like my self.. Knowing its some form of BDD, I was finally thrilled to find others like me.. Being in contact with these others and trying to help each other out, we come to realize this is a very hard illness to over come and somewhat dangerous…. Its compared to Trichotillomania but in the form of self hair cutting and you can spend from an hour to over 24 hours in the bathroom cutting your hair, feeling so weak and disoriented until you are going to collapse… I have to lay on the floor as my back hurts and stretch alittle and my legs swell so badly i know i have to get back up and start cutting until its even, and not one piece can be off or you keep cutting until there is nothing left or you result to shaving your head and going through again to make sure its totally even…. I have been found on the bathroom floor pased out and barely moving and in so much pain with nicks and cuts on my neck and fingers.. I have spoken to others whom have this same illness that is not as common and we was hoping to reach out to others and bring them forward and get some kind of help with this devastating disorder… Please help us and give us a chance to be on your show to bring others forward so maybe we can find a solution and support to helping each other out… This si so misunderstood and going through this for years now and i still do I would love nothing more then to try and help those who have this same devastating behavior…..I sure hope you give us a chance and get back to us and i know we could reach out and touch so many others lives and help them to try to over come this and get help to get it under control…. Thanks Sincerely yours Rhonda Holt (Pleasant Grove, UTAH)

  4. CZ says

    is there a way to see the show already aired? i caught one that he did on oprah and really struck a chord. i’m battling with this currently and would like to seek help but really don’t know where to turn locally. i’m also scared to face it but i’m more scared what will happen if i don’t at this point.

  5. says

    Hello CZ, as we told Rhonda, this website (wellbuzz.com) is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dr. Oz, we are just Dr. Oz’s biggest fan website… So we cannot speak on behalf of Dr. Oz or give medical advice… that being said, I would beg you to please seek medical attention. I am sure there are doctors and medical help in your area that would love to help you. What we can offer is to try to arrange support groups through wellbuzz.com. Please let me know if you would like me to connect you with other wellbuzz.com readers who are also struggling with OCD (like Rhonda)!

  6. S.S. says

    I think I’m bipolar and have ocd because I have all the symptoms and I get angry a lot in one day

  7. Karen says

    Hello. It’s almost been a year since I’ve been on the Dr. Oz show. I’m the one with the Y-BOCS 32 score. Although I’m unable to see the show that much due to work, I cannot stress enough how the show improved my life! Once my husband and I returned from New York to tape the show that aired in April, I have been in treatment. My psychiatrist has worked with me on the proper medicine and I have a wonderful OCD therapist here in Houston. I did not have a clue why I even went on the show…part of my OCD is social phobia! And, I had kept my OCD a secret from everyone (other than immediate family) since I showed symptoms when I was 8 years old. But, letting out that 27 year old secret felt wonderful and my life has drastically changed! My marriage is on solid ground, my relationships with family and friends are healthy, etc. I had several months were I was just lost, right after the beginning of the medicine part of the treatment. I was so lost because for 27 years my life consisted of fear, worry, anxiety, etc.) It’s like I was an adult for the first time since I was 8. In the beginning it was scary not knowing who you are, etc., but now I’m having fun and enjoying building relationships that used to be strained because of my constant worry. It’s strange to realize that so many things in life were effected by OCD. I was amazed at some of the things that I wrote off as me just being crazy or not good enough at or deserving. Overcoming those fears and learning to live life ‘normal’ has saved my life. Suicide was discussed above. With my OCD, there were many times I wanted to commit suicide. OCD was like a demon imprisoning my mind…it felt like I was alone and there was no escape at times. So many times, I resented the people closest because they were able to do things I couldn’t handle. I felt so left out and alone. But, the more I began talking about OCD with my husband and parents, the better I felt. I was so afraid people would write me off as crazy…but, with all the tv shows, etc. speaking about OCD, it is comforting. It was so comforting to know that others have this, but I hated that they did! No one who doesn’t have OCD could ever imagine what it’s like. It’s not something that can be explained fully…it’s frustrating to know what’s wrong with you, but not control it. I’m currently on medication and in therapy. I have dealt with so many things just in the past 9 months. My quality of life has improved 96%! I still have bouts of OCD ‘episodes’, but by understanding OCD and taking an active role in bettering myself to handle it has changed my life. My husband would also say it has changed his life!! He used to get over 30 calls a day from me (worrying about him cheating or dying in a car wreck, etc.), now he complains because I don’t call him enough! I spent 27 years without treatment…I was misdiagnosed by several doctors…and I wanted to ignore the symptoms as if in denial. My life hit bottom more than a year ago and I thought…this is it…this is your life. Cower down and be beaten or stand up and face it. It’s hasn’t been easy at all, but every day I am living a new and better life. I still battle with it every day to a much lesser degree than before, but I refuse to let it win over me. The battle is worth it and with treatment it gets easier!!

  8. Angie says

    Hi Karen,
    My son is 11 and has OCD. I also live in Houston. Could you tell me what Dr. helped you? Thank you.

  9. Nichelle says

    Hi, I have trichotillomania (eyelashes) and I would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. This is very helpful and greatly appreciated!!

  10. Jody - Pa says

    Karen –

    My son is 11 and has terrible OCD. My husband and his family do as well. They are better at handling it. He gets terriblw anxiety over going to school. Every morning is a huge challange. Get him help. He can cope and get better. But don’t give in to him or back down. Facing his issues a little at a time will retrain is brain. Letting him give up lets his OCD get stronger.

  11. Lucy Cigainero says

    I have really bad OCD with germs and contamination. I really wish I could get help but I can’t get it because my family doesn’t think I have such a thing, that it is just a bad habit that I have and that i can get get rid of it on my own and second because they don’t believe in psychologists so I can’t go get professional help.

  12. says

    I have been cutting my hair and plucking all my eyebrows out for 11 years now and I am bald as I sit here because tonight I sheered it all off again !!!! I hate myself !!! I can’t stop ! No medicine, no therapy, nothing has helped me to stop ! I have to wear an itchy wig which I feel like I am being stared at when I wear it. I am an embarrassment to my 3 adult children and to myself . I have no social life because this consumes me . I stay at home most of the time and make up any excuse not to go anywhere. I cancel Dental appts., Doctor appts. and even picnics, parties, funerals, etc… because of this disease or whatever it is that I have. I feel like I am a waste of life. So many people are dying and would love to live life to the fullest and I could but instead this is what my life has been for the past 11 years. I pray that I will one day be healed from this and will be able to live a normal life again .

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