Dr Oz Is Mad As Hell: Scams & Fake Products Using Dr Oz’s Face & Name!

By on September 10, 2012

Dr Oz: Fake Scams Could Dupe You – Buyer Beware!

You see Doctor Oz’s name and image attached to a product so it has to be good, right? Wrong! On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Tech Expert, Sree Sreenivasan, to show you how simple it was for anyone to create an advertisement meant to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Dr Oz Is Mad As Hell: Scams & Fake Products Using Dr Oz's Face & Name!

Dr Oz Is Mad As Hell! Why? There are scams & fake products using Dr Oz’s face and name to promote their products. And Doctor Oz never gave them permission!

Dr Oz stated that when he recommends a product on his show, advertisers manipulate his words in order to sell their products. Every day he put his reputation on the line but certain companies are using his name and image to prey upon you, the consumer. He’s mad as hell and he’s had enough!

Tech Expert Sree Sreenivasan, told Dr Oz that even his wife was fooled by these products. Sreenivasan’s wife told him that she couldn’t believe Dr Oz didn’t endorse those products with his name and image because they were all over the place. It’s a hook to get people to pay attention to their product. This happened because the web was not policed the way it should be.

How To Create Fake Dr Oz Ads

Sree Sreenivasan and Dr Oz took to Google to show you how confusing it could be. They put in Dr Oz’s name into the search engine and several websites popped up pushing green tea, raspberry ketones (remember that?) and even African mango. Most of these ads contained his name and image to dupe the consumer.

Sree Sreenivasan went onto Facebook and created an ad. He called it “Fake Dr Oz” and then put in a fake headline. The ad immediately began forming. Sree then added “Lose weight forever with my pills” to make it look like it was Dr Oz pushing the product. He then uploaded an image of Dr Oz and it immediately showed up. Sree stated that it cost nothing to start the process. You could decided how much you want to get charge by having people click on the site, taking them to the product. Sree stated that the lesson here was to be VERY careful on anything that comes from the Internet.

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Comments to Dr Oz Is Mad As Hell: Scams & Fake Products Using Dr Oz’s Face & Name!

  1. charles b says:

    I’ 73 years old and have been targeted by Dr oz Green coffee and weight loss scams with 15 email promotions a day..! spam filters do not work. Consumer lifestyles is killing me with spam..
    I don;t need this harrasment!. I wouldn’t buy one anyway, and not now for sure.
    I’m out to spread this

  2. Below I copied and pasted the latest fraudulent email. Good look getting the bad guys…!

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