Dr Oz Scams Online: How to Prevent Websites From Abusing Dr Oz

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Dr Oz Scams Online: How to Prevent Websites From Abusing Dr Oz

By on September 10, 2012

Dr Oz Website Scams

Doctor Oz was back for his 4th season and he was Mad As Hell! Today he took on those companies that are using his name and image to promote their own products. First off, Doctor Oz warned that he DOES NOT promote any specific products so if you are receiving emails or texts with his name and image, delete them.

Dr Oz Scams Online: How to Prevent Websites From Abusing Dr Oz

There are Dr Oz Scams Online. Learn how to prevent websites from abusing our dear Dr Oz!

Want to help Dr Oz fight these unscrupulous manufacturers? On today’s show, Dr Oz showed you how.

Jessica, an audience member, was a victim of these scams. She has received countless ads for beauty products and more with Dr Oz’s name and image attached to the email or text. She even showed Dr Oz a sample she had in her phone.

Amazon & Facebook Help Dr Oz Take Back His Name

Dr Oz said he wasn’t going to let this happen anymore and that he was taking back his name! In the last segment, he showed you how these countless ads were created and now he understood how it was so easy to do it. In order to take back his name, Dr Oz reached out to the websites. He also had his legal department get involved. They contacted Amazon.com and Facebook and even had a follow up phone call. He simply wanted to make sure you weren’t continued to be duped by these false claims. Amazon.com and Facebook complied with his requests to take down these advertisements. (Uh, of course they did! It’s Dr Oz.) Facebook had their team research the pages and will comply accordingly. Amazon.com was in the process of removing the items that the Dr Oz Show identified.

Dr Oz Internet Scams – How You Can Help

Tech Specialist, Sree Sreenivasan, said that anyone can help rid the Internet of these false advertisements. If you see these ads, you should report it immediately. Better yet, take down the website address so that when you report it, you’ll have the exact link. Once you do that, send it to Amazon.com or Facebook (or any other offender) so that they may correct the problem.

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Comments to Dr Oz Scams Online: How to Prevent Websites From Abusing Dr Oz

  1. I ordered Saffron X and it said was endorsed by Dr. Oz. to lose weight. Would this Saffron X be a scam also. I believe they should give people their money back if it is a scam…this would only be fair to Dr. Oz. and the public. This would stop alot of false endorsements. Thanks!

  2. Dayanara Ryelle says:

    I saw something in USA Weekend that said Dr. Oz endorsed it. How can I report it?

  3. This website states it is connected with Dr. Oz. Is it? I doubt it.

    RVTL Cream
    2551 E. Ave S., Site G100
    Palmdale, CA 93550

  4. Viv Ingram says:

    I recieved an email with Dr. OZ video about Garcinia Cambogia and Green coffee pills also. I was told that if I ordered 1 I could get the second free. So I did order and give my Visa number. I have been billed $168.89 for 5 bottles of the coffe bean pills ,$159.12 for the 2 Garcinia Cambogia. I canceled the order when I found out the charges on THE SAME DAY 13th Sept., I got billed on the 14th and again on the 17th the order was not canceled. When I recieved the seven bottles I sent them back not opened. Sent them by tracking and insured .by U.S.P.S. they got them back and told me they will think of MABIE giving me my money back because I did not ask if I could send them back. ( CHANGE DATES TO AUGUST NOT SEPT ) sorry. The total on my Visa is $328.01 and I cant pay it and they wont reply as to what they are going to do . It’s been 10 days so far. Will think about paying attention to any OZ onfo ever again. Just in case this explanes , I’m an almost 80 year old who used to believe everyone. Sincerely V Ingram.

  5. I saw how angry you have been with sites stealing your identity to endorse products that in my case have been actual worms. Here is the latest one I received.

  6. Firmativ skin cream used Dr. Oz’s photo & a comment. I ordered it but returned it because
    it turned my face red. I doubt Dr. Oz would endorse this product.

  7. I got an email for an advertisement showing a broadcast of Dr. OZ on one of his shows. I want to report this to Dr. Oz himself so he can prosecute these people. I had heard Dr. Oz speak of these people who are using his name to scam people, I don’t believe a lot of the diet crazed hype. I choose not to waste money on products that promise unrealistic goals.

  8. this looks like a scam to me………….????

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