Dr Oz: Siberian Rhubarb Extract, Ashwagandha & Menopause Smoothie

By on January 13, 2012

Dr Oz: Perimenopause Remedies

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Dr. Wendy Warner, OB/GYN, to tell you how to get rid of the perimenopausal cycle that causes fatigue and weight gain. In the previous segment, he spoke about Disease Detectives with the new power to heal.  Dr. Warner stated that when you come into her office, you get at least an hour of her time. (Longer if complicated issues.) Dr. Warner also said that she likes to ask many questions to get to the root of the issue and treat it properly.

Dr Oz: Perimenopause- Functional Medicine vs Traditional Medicine

Dr. Warner told Dr Oz that traditionally she was taught to treat perimenopause by dropping the estrogen levels that cause sleeplessness and hot flashes.

Dr Oz Siberian Rhubarb Menopause Remedy

Dr Oz Siberian Rhubarb Menopause Remedy

She figured that it had to be something else at the root of the issue. Perimenopause may be due to hormonal imbalance caused by a variety of issues, such as how you break down estrogen or even adrenal dysfunction (stress organs).

Wanda, an audience member, told Dr. Warner that she couldn’t sleep at night and she had hot flashes. She was also very moody. Dr. Warner stated that hot flashes were caused by an adrenal imbalance (stress). When stress occurs, chances are you’ll get hot flashes.

Dr Oz: Siberian Rhubarb Extract Supplements


– Siberian Rhubarb Extract Supplements: Take 4 mg once a day.

Dr Oz: Ashwagandha Supplements

– Ashwagandha Supplement: Take 500 mg twice a day.

You can take these products together and they are available at health food stores and online.

Weight gain: Belly fat causes you to make estrogen, which causes you to make more insulin and then causes inflammation that leads to more belly fat. (See the cycle here?) This inflammatory cycle causes you to gain weight.


Dr Oz: Menopause Survival Smoothie Recipe


– 1 cup of Swiss chard
– 1 cup of green tea (make sure it’s cool)
– ½ cup of blueberries (antioxidants)
– 2 brazil nuts
– 1 tbsp flaxseed

Blend it together for a minute or two. They tried the drink and stated it was good. (Not sure I believed this one.)

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Comments to Dr Oz: Siberian Rhubarb Extract, Ashwagandha & Menopause Smoothie

  1. Saw this show yesterday–great stuff. One big note here, though–the recipe calls for TWO brazil nuts–not two CUPS, as shown above. Just wanted to point that out because, while “good fats” are good for you in moderation (as in two…) the whole fat-blasting thing will all be for naught if you throw two CUPS into the mix! :) Got my ingredients ready & will have a smoothie for breakfast. Cheers!

  2. Janice Richter says:

    I cannot find the Siberian Rhubarb Extract anywhere? Can you help me!

  3. Janice Richter says:

    I cannot find the siberian rhubar extract anywhere? Can you help me find it?

  4. Mary Jane says:

    Must look for ERr 731 another name is Estrovera or Rhuvera

  5. Dear Janice,

    I can find the Siberian Rhubarb in the liquid, but not the tablets for 4 mg., like Dr. Warner
    suggested on the show. She had a big bottle with her, and I would like to know what brand
    it was?

  6. I would also like to know where to get the one like Dr. Warner had? What brand was it?

  7. Cannot find siberian rhubarb extract. I can find rhubarb extract but it does not say siberian. Can you help me and let me know where to buy this??

  8. Janice Richter says:

    Mary Jane, are you from the show, and is that what they said to take?

  9. Lillian Holiis says:

    Where can i find Siberian Rhubarb in a capsule?

  10. Please let me know where I can purchase Siberian Rhubarb Extract capsules. Can’t find them anywhere and vitamin/health food stores say they are not available to them on-line.
    Thank you.

  11. need help in finding siberian rhubarb extract capsules/other names used and if possible suppilers that you know about.

  12. I cannot find the Siberian Rhubarb extract. help! where can I get it? I have checked several health food stores and they do not know what it is. tx.


  14. Patricia Kinberg says:

    Where can I purchase the 4 mg. Siberian Rhubarb Extract and the 500 mg Ashwagandha Supplements you talked about on the show? No one seems to carry those strengths. Thank you

  15. Patricia Kinberg says:

    Ever now and then I get a spot in my eyes that looks like a checkered board crescent moon. I have been told it is an ocular migraine. Have you ever heard of this? What can I do for them? What causes them? Are they are prelude to something else like Macular Degeneration? Thank you…

  16. From what I’ve read, Estrovera = Siberian Rhubarb Extract and can be purchased here: Estrovera

    Here is a link for where I found the Ashwagandha as well: Ashwagandha

    As usual though, we cannot speak on behalf of Dr Oz himself, so we have no clue where he purchases his actual supplements!

  17. Thank you Dr. Oz Show for putting yet another supplement on TV and telling the viewer to get it at you “local health food store” that does not carry it because “Siberian Rhubarb” is not an herb made regularly by ANY major vitamin, herb, or supplement company found at your local health food stores.

    Why don’t you promote something that health food stores actually carry other then having to rush and order and wait 3 weeks because every company is out of the product.

    You are solely in the business of marketing one certain brands product for that specific companies success.

    If “Siberian Rhubarb” was an amazing product then it would already be made by every major herb bottler (Solaray, Natures Way, Natures Answer, etc..)

  18. Tanya Simpson says:

    your surviving menopause smoothie is wrong it was 2 brazil nuts/ not 2 cups of nuts

  19. I really thought this was my answer…after 4 different GYN’s trying to give me Estrogen, here this Dr. Warner is saying things that actually make sense to me and how easy is this…Go pick up some Siberian Rhubarb and Ashwagandha…Can’t find the Siberian Rhubarb and the Ashwagdha is not the amounts Dr. Warner talks about. I was gratefull for the info but I get the feeling the stuff Dr. Warner and Dr. Oz suggest arn’t what a common person such as myself has access too. If Dr. Oz is going to put this info out there then, I feel like he should give us good resourses to get a safe product…

  20. dr, oz where can we get the siberian rhubarb ext 4mg and ashwaganda 500 mg. cannot find it online please advise all thats concerned

  21. At the very bottom of this page it states”wellbuzz.com is not endorsed by or in any way affiliated with Dr.Mehmet Oz.This is all just a total waste of all our time!We can’t exspect any suggestions from any one from that show.

  22. I believe she might have been talking about rhapontic rhubarb, which has been available as “Estrovera” by Metagenics. The tablets are 4mg. This was recommended to me by my doctor and has really lowered my hot flashes. I ordered it online, I think from iherb.

  23. Siberian Rhubarb Extract Supplement 4 mg? Not to be found. This is once again so discouraging, as he gets his audience all enthused about something and then it falls flat. This is not the first time. Martha Stewart used to do this regularly. Dr. Oz and his staff should investigate the availability of these products before he puts them on the air.

  24. Like the previous comments it is quite discouraging when Dr Oz & his professional Dr guests recommend products which are difficult or impossible to find; at the very least include the information on his web site “where to find, including alternate names of products for example Siberian Rhubarb Extract aka Estrovera”. I no longer tape his shows to watch later as the information and follow up to find products is frustrating and time consuming ……. The show was a good idea, just not enough valuable substance, nice try, lots of hype with no follow through. I seriously would be willing to assist correcting this frustrating flaw.

  25. I didn’t find it hard at all to find the supplements. There is an online company in Florida that carries both. I am on my 3rd week of taking these supplements, and they are definitely helping.

  26. Jeannie posted that there was an online company in Florida that carries both. Jeannie, could you please give everyone the name of this company or website address?

  27. I have been taking both of these supplements since this show aired. I took about 4 weeks & then I have been hot flash free since then. I highly recommend these supplements.

  28. Hot flashes hit me like a train about a month ago. I started taking Estrovera (along with Maca, Gaia Adrenal support, and flax seed) and I saw a significant improvement within just a few days. I was a total skeptic at first but, honestly, this has been life-changing. The hot flashes aren’t gone entirely but they are profoundly reduced and certainly manageable. I purchased Estrovera at my local pharmacy (Pharmaca for those of you in Northern California) but I think it’s also available online.

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Would someone PLEASE update/correct the recipe! It’s only 2 Tablespoons—not 2 CUPS. There’s no correcting the mixture once that’s in there!

  30. julie cabradilla says:

    hi,dr.oz,pls i would like to know if the seberian rhubarb is available here in saudi arabia?if not pls can u tell me if there is in holland is available.pls advise.my husband is from holland ,perhaps is their any subtitute for that kind of supplement.

    tanx and god bless

  31. Doctorvitaminstore.com has all the recommendations from Dr. Oz. Homosassa, FL.
    Great prices!

  32. Is the fat blasting smoothie supposed to be a meal replacement?

  33. I tried that smoothie and it tastes nasty! >P

    I am trying the herbs though. I’ve seen good feedback on their effectiveness in various forums.

  34. cannot find siber. rhuba.ext. did find ashwagandha.
    will progesterone cream help?

  35. Hi, I just bought from Mrs. greens health food store an Ashwagandha supplement made by Oregon’s wild harvest and it says to take one pill 3 times a day. Is that a right dosage? I believe they are 1200mg each.

  36. THe rhubard extract is ONLY carried in North Americal by METAGENICS – they are a company that sells to MDs and NDs you may have to go see a naturopathic doctor to get the supplement (I am one – Canada) and i have not seen anything else work as well!!!

  37. Metagenics makes a wonderful supplement called Estrovera, which is a rhubarb root extract. I have been taking it for 8 months, with Glycogenics(a B complex), and no longer have ANY hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety attacks, and am not irritable. My only problem is an extra 15 pounds.

  38. You can get 4 mg siberian rhubarb extract online at doctorvitaminstore.com at a fraction of the cost of estrovera. I’m tired of pharmaceutical companies making outrageous profits off of this very large and growing population of consumers seeking relief from menopausal symptoms! I’m also extremely discouraged and frustrated at the lack of knowledge from the medical profession. What does it take for Western medicine to understand that menopause DOES indeed affect a woman’s physical and mental health – it is NOT just an annoyance?!

  39. I found the Siberian Rhubarb Extract on Ebay…..

  40. I bought the ashwangahda at amazon, and estrovera. I was taking both one type in the morning and the other at night, but now I am just taking the ashwangahda and so far my hot flashes aren’t as bad. They are manageable, but are still there tho. And I seem to be gaining weight now, which is not good.

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