Just a Drop Toilet Eucalyptus Extract Removes Poop Smells: Dr Oz Tips

By on June 8, 2012

Dr Oz: Shocking Bathroom Secrets

Do you have bathroom confessions you wouldn’t even admit to your doctor? Doctor Oz continued his tell-all hour with shocking bathroom secrets.  He spoke about tips for getting rid of poop odor with Just a Drop Toilet Drops with Eucalyptus Extract (which he also spoke about in a previous segment that you can read about here) and how to remove butt hair.  On a previous show, Doctor Oz took on all your most cringe worthy questions. People stop him at the airport, on the street and even when he’s out to dinner to ask their most embarrassing bathroom questions. (Check, please!) It happens wherever he goes.

Dr Oz: Just a Drop Toilet Eucalyptus Extract Removes Poop Smells

Dr Oz said that Just a Drop are Toilet Drops with Eucalyptus Extract that remove poop smells.

Some of the questions he was asked included flatulence while sleeping and #2 sneaking out when going #1. People asked all sorts of questions about bodily leakage and hemorrhoids. On one of his previous shows, Dr Oz had a group of ladies wait backstage and come out, one at a time, to ask their cringe worthy question.

Toilet Drops with Eucalyptus Extract for Poop Odor

One woman came out and said that after going to the bathroom (#2 of course) over her friend’s house, she would leave an awful odor. She wanted to know if lighting a match really worked to get rid of the smell.

Dr Oz says when you light a match, all that happens is that you change the odor. When you release the match into the air, it only gets rid of the sulfur smell from the #2. The smell is still there, but just covered up.

Dr Oz says try the Just a Drop Bathroom Odor Eliminator. It contains Eucalyptus extract to help tame the smell.

Dr Oz: Butt Hair Wax

Mary, an audience member had a question about down there. She wanted to know if it was safe to wax your crack.

Doctor Oz says yes, it’s safe, but you should go to a professional. Be sure the professional uses hard wax and not strips because the hard wax sticks better and pulls out the hair all at once. Plus, it’s gentler on sensitive areas.

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