The 100 Foods Dr Oz Wants In Your Shopping Cart


Dr Oz Grocery List

Many families spend countless hours and energy on creating a grocery list that caters to everyone in the family. Dr Oz made it simple by providing the 100 foods that he would love to see inside your shopping cart. To do this, Dr Oz made a surprise visit to one family to help clean out their fridge just in time for the New Year. If you follow his list, you will save time and money and never have to make another grocery list ever again. (Sounds good to me!)



  1. Jackie says

    Where is the 100 foods Dr. Oz wants in our shopping list. I would like to print the list. Dr. Oz said it would be on to view. Where is it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Susan says

    Guess I will not visit this site again! No real list, but takes me to advertising. Very Frustrating as I love the Dr Oz info.

  3. says

    I was in a car wreck & broke ribs but could not eat much for 3 days. Since then I have not enjoyed eating meats. Instead I have been eating fresh salads with Romaine using olive oil for my dressing. This sure helps me eat it better as the sweet ones just ruin the taste of the fresh vegetables. a dab of Dash salt free and tis great. I hope I heal faster by eating more vegies.
    Your posts dont take you to what your suggestion says…as no food list came up.

  4. Michael Wader says

    Like the folks above me I am frustrated. Where is the list. Where can I go to to complain. Dr Oz needs to hire someone that can create a web page that is consumer friendly. I love the show but this is frustrating.

  5. MalbeaAnn Rohrer says

    On today’s Dr. Oz show he showed the week’s worth of food to put in the shopping cart to stay within the range of proper nutrition AND lose weight. He also said to request thie list of 100 foods to put in your shopping cart but it is not available. However, there are a lot of advertisements.
    There is the list I came to this site to request?
    I want to print it and take to the store with me
    I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Carolyn Hill says

    Please send me a list of the 100 foods I need in my shopping cart. I read things on the site, but not the list. Please Help.

  7. says

    Has anyone seen this video about the potentially harmful ingredients in Dr. Oz’s 99 Diet Foods Shopping List yet. This is NOT an attack on Dr. Oz or the products mentioned – but it does bring awareness to these potentially dangerous ingredients in his food choices. see it here -

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