Dr Oz: Mackenzie Phillips Addiction & Six Most Addictive Painkillers

By on March 5, 2013

Dr Oz: Dr Drew Pinsky – Family History Of Addiction Increases Your Risk

Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew Pinsky talked openly about the television show Celebrity Rehab and the stigma of addiction. Dr. Drew expressed how sad he was at the news of Mindy McCready’s recent suicide, but he does not believe the show is responsible for her death. He believes that stigma is to blame and he explained why to Dr. Oz.

Mackenzie Phillips: Deep Personal Relationships Key To Staying Sober

Mackenzie Phillips, a Celebrity Rehab cast member, joined Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew Pinsky via satellite to discuss the show and the death of Mindy McCready. Mackenzie told Dr. Oz that when a person leaves a treatment facility, it is up to them what path they take to in their recovery journey. She said she chooses to make it a daily priority in her life so that when challenges arise, like the recent death of friend Bonnie Franklin, she can cope with them on her own and with the support of people who care deeply for her, rather than allowing them to push her back to using drugs or drinking alcohol. She said those deep, personal relationships are key to her sobriety.

Dr Oz: Mackenzie Phillips Addiction & Six Most Addictive Painkillers

Dr Drew Pinsky said that a family history of addiction increases your risk so it is important to tell your doctor before filling a prescription for pain medication. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Mackenzie Phillips: “I’m Responsible For My Own Recovery”

Mackenzie Phillips told Dr. Oz that she had been through several recovery programs for her addiction prior to Celebrity Rehab. She added she had actually been clean for nine months before entering the program, but what made the experience different than any other was Dr. Drew Pinsky. Mackenzie said he was kind and caring and he allowed her to feel her pain and talk about it openly and she believes he is not responsible after someone leaves his treatment facility. Mackenzie Phillips said her recovery is ongoing regardless of how long she has been clean and sober. She told Dr. Oz she has a purpose every single day, which is to help another person with an addiction get sober.

Dr Oz: Effects Of Addiction On the Brain

Dr. Oz demonstrated the affects of drugs and alcohol on our brains and how quickly using either one can turn into an addiction. He and Dr. Drew Pinsky explained that it may cause a really good feeling initially, but then it turns into a need and before long you are not able to function without it in your system. Dr. Drew Pinsky said this is especially true and powerful in the case of cocaine.

Dr Oz: Addictive Prescription Painkillers

Dr. Oz said addiction to prescription pain medication is on the rise and you might be surprised how easily it could happen to you. Most of us will need prescription medication in our lives and some pose a higher risk than others, especially those given to treat pain. Dr. Drew Pinsky warns that you have to be really careful when taking prescription pain medication because accidental deaths are on the rise, especially in the last couple of years.

  • Demerol
  • Percocet
  • Oxycontin
  • Fentanyl
  • Vicodin
  • Hydrocodone

Dr Drew Pinsky: Risk Of Addiction To Painkillers

Dr. Drew Pinsky said the first responsibility a doctor has to his patient before prescribing painkillers is to ask one important question, which is whether there is a history of alcoholism or addiction in their family. On the reverse of that, Dr. Pinsky said patients need to volunteer that information if their doctor does not ask the question. He added if you are prescribed and taking a pain medication for longer than two weeks, you need to be very cautious because it puts you at a greater risk for developing an addiction.

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