Dr Oz: Prescription Assistance Programs & How to Get Free Meds


Dr Oz: How Can I Get Free Medications?

Today is about getting almost anything for free on the Dr. Oz show! He has already shared tips to save you money at the grocery store with a website that sends coupons directly to your inbox and he even provided information to help you find where to get free healthcare screenings! Now learn how to get your prescription medications for free!

Dr Oz: Prescription Assistance Programs

How to Get Free Meds

Elisabeth Leamy says it takes just 5 minutes on the internet to find a Prescription Assistance Program that could save your family thousands of dollars on medications!



  1. says

    I went to the website about prescription assistance I saw on your show today. I was so excited to think I was going to get some help with my prescription. I am a retired school teacher and I didn’t qualify because because I have insurance. My insurance will not cover a prescription I have for my back. I need back surgery, but I can’t (won’t) have the surgery until I loose some more weight. I wear a back brace and the prescription is flector patches for pain control. The patches cost $600.00 and I can’t afford to purchase them. I’ve been looking online for websites to help, but I’ve had no luck. Please let me know if you or Ms. Leamy know of website to help. Thanks for the show! Tonya

  2. Lalita Lewis says

    I am taking medication for arthiritis would like to know weather it is safe to take tramadol wit paracetamol for pain.

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