Dr Oz: Try Acupuncture Beads To Reduce Anxiety & Aveda Blue Oil Review


Dr Oz: Improve Your Posture To Lower Stress

Dr. Oz and his guests realized that it might be difficult for some people to commit to a full 24 hour stress cleanse, so they had some tips to help you reduce your stress in just a few minutes. They already shared ways to ease your anxiety with breathing exercises, stress-busting recipes and taking a 24 hour break from social media.

Dr Oz: STR8-N-Up Wrap Review

Dr. Rajita Sinha said one of the best ways you can reduce your stress is by straightening up. She explained that many people who suffer from stress often complain about pain in their neck, shoulders and back. Dr. Sinha said that improving your posture will help to lower your stress so she recommends a STR8-N-Up Wrap, which puts just enough pressure on your back to make you stand up a little straighter. The wrap can be purchased online for around $38. Dr. Oz shared his favorite tip to improve your posture, which is to stand with your hands clasped casually behind your back. It will naturally pull your shoulders back and improve your posture.


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