Dr Phil: Cyberbully Offers Razor Blades To Suicidal Teen, Admits Lying


Dr Phil: Pretty Little Mean Girls

Cyberbullying is an ongoing problem facing young people, and Dr Phil used his show to spotlight this troubling behavior. His 20-year-old guest Kalista was ready to confront 20-year-old bully Taylor, who has been pestering her online for almost two years. Taylor has lied about Kalista’s social hobbies and occupation.

Kalista complained about being Cyberbullied during her pregnancy. She recalled a time when Taylor manipulated a photo of her and used it to spread rumors about Kalista on the web. When Kalista’s attempt to take the high road did not yield results, she ultimately deleted her Facebook.

Dr Phil: Who Started It?

Dr Phil: Cyberbully Overs Razor Blades To Suicidal Teen, Admits Lying

Dr Phil mediated a dispute between three young women about Cyberbullying behavior that has been going on for years. Did they learn about consequences? (Fabio Freitas e Silva / Shutterstock.com)



  1. Teresa says

    After watching this episode of Dr.Phil..I am convinced that social media and young women with nothing better to do is just evil. I have never been so shocked and sickened to watch these women exchange such nasty words towards and about each other. Where are their morals, where is the common sense, where is forgiveness and compassion. My gosh, why does the 20 and 30 somethings get so offended so easy and then go to such extreme to hurt someone. Such a waste of time.

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