Dr Phil: She Gave $1.4 Million To a Complete Stranger She Met Online


Dr Phil: My Cousin is Squandering Her Inheritance

Having temporarily run out of alcoholics to rehabilitate, Dr Phil revived another classic type of guest for a show called “I Believe My Cousin is Squandering Her Inheritance on a Love Scam.” This time, the mark was 46-year-old Sarah, who has sent more than $1 million to a strange man named Chris whom she has never met.


  1. Gisele becks says

    Met him on match.com and he introduced himself as Sgt. goodwill from USA in mission at Iraq, wife died and had son with a friend in Ghana. We chatted for month including his son Perry on cam. It happened that he found a briefcase of gold and wanted to ship to me but had no way then he brought the idea that his friend in Ghana knows Ghana Customs and can pass gold there to me, it started with few $ until I paid almost $46,000 during the process until I found on the web that it scam and I contacted the Ghana Serious Fraud Crime Unit(info.ghanapolice at consultant.com) and he was arrested and some of my losses recoverd.Beware of scam from Ghana contact officials!

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