Dr Oz: Potassium Water Flush & 3 Day Guide to Lose Water Weight


Dr Oz: 3 Day Guide To Lose Water Weight Fast

It makes sense to start or at least plan to start a new diet on a Monday, right? That’s why all month long Dr Oz was sharing a new diet plan with his viewers every Monday. Dr Oz has been following #MondayDieter on Instagram and has been thrilled to see his viewers sharing their results. His next diet plan was a 3-day guide to getting rid of water weight in no time with a Potassium Water Flush and a Caffeine Chaser. Jen Widerstrom was back to help viewers fit into their favorite clothes that are just slightly too tight.

Dr Oz: #MondayDieter Instagram

Jen explained that 50-60% of our body is made up of water, so what we eat influences that. She was hoping to target and eliminate a lot of foods with ingredients that cause us to swell or hold on to water. She made it clear that it wasn’t a crash diet but instead a way to shrink quickly by getting rid of water weight.  So lets get to the details of Dr. Oz’s 3-Day Guide to Lose Water Weight Fast, on the next page…

Dr Oz #MondayDieter: Eliminate Water Weight Potassium Water Flush

With a little effort, you can eliminate water weight in just a few days, thanks to a little help from Jen Widerstrom and her detox recipes. (jonathan-leung / Flickr)

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