Dr Oz: The Fast Metabolism Diet Review & Fasting Can Slow Metabolism


Dr Oz: Cilantro Increases Metabolism

Dr. Oz and Haylie Pomroy have been discussing ways to rev up your metabolism with Haylie’s plan that includes hormone testing, foods to avoid and tricks to jump start your body’s ability to burn fat. Find out what foods you should be eating to get the most nutrition while losing 20 pounds in four weeks!

Dr Oz: Fasting Slows Down Metabolism

Haylie Pomroy, author of the book The Fast Metabolism Diet, said the key to keeping your metabolism running strong is to be prepared for any “roadblocks” that might get in your way, like a special occasion dinner. The way to do this is by eating 10-15 grams of protein every two hours leading up to your event because it will stabilize your blood sugar so you will not arrive at the party starving. Haylie said the biggest mistake you can make is not eating all day long just so you can eat at a party because this will slow your metabolism. Here are some good examples of healthy protein choices:

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