Dr Oz: Urine Color Chart, Sweet Smelling Pee & Urination Frequency

By on November 9, 2012

Dr Oz: Know Your Urine

Dr. Oz has proven with today’s show, That’s Awkward: Questions You Would Never Ask Your Doctor, that nothing is off limits. He just talked in detail about your poop and how important it is to look at it before you flush because it actually tells a lot about what might be going on inside of your body. Many brave women have shared their most embarrassing issues and asked some pretty awkward questions in the process. One wanted to know if the fact that she farts (and not from her bottom) is something to be concerned about while another wanted help because she gets bruises on her neck that look like hickeys. Doctor Oz gave them all some helpful solutions and maybe he even answered a question you were having, but if not, stick around because he is not done yet.

Dr Oz: How Often Should I Pee?

Dr Oz: Urine Color Chart, Sweet Smelling Pee & Urination Frequency

Dr. Oz says if you have sweet smelling urine is means there is sugar present and you may be diabetic.

How many times do you think you pee in a day? How many times do you think you should be peeing in a day? The answer is 4-8 times per day. Going to the bathroom to go pee is something we all do several times throughout the day and night, but do you ever take the time to stop and look in the toilet before you flush? Well, Dr. Oz says you need to look because just like your poop, your pee tells a lot about your health. There are 3 things he wants you to start doing every time you go pee.

Dr Oz: Look At Your Urine

Look at the flow and amount of pee there is when you go to the bathroom. Dr. Oz says this is very important for a few reasons. First, if your pee comes out as a dribble, then you are not emptying your bladder completely, which means it is building up and essentially becomes a petri dish for bacteria. Bacteria love urine, according to Dr. Oz, so this is not good. He explains that a good amount of urine is about 8 ounces that comes out as a steady stream. Some people have a problem with their urine gushing out every time they use the bathroom. This is a common problem for Diabetics and they are getting dehydrated due the amount of liquid coming out at one time.

Dr Oz: Pee Smells & Sweet Smelling Urine

Smell your Urine – Dr. Oz says you need to smell your urine because it has a lot of different scents and the scents tell a lot about how your body is metabolizing and you can learn a lot. He says some of these scents are more serious than others, so you cannot ignore them. One of the most common smells is that of sulfur, which happens after you eat asparagus.

This doesn’t concern Dr. Oz at all, but there is another scent that does worry him. He is most concerned if your pee smells sweet because it means you are peeing out sugar. Basically you have too much sugar in your blood, so it is going into your urine and could mean you are a diabetic.

Dr Oz: Urine Color Chart

Look at the Color or Appearance of your Urine.

  • Tea Colored -This is a bit dark and concerns Dr. Oz because if means you have bile coming out in your urine and could be a sign of Iiver disease, so you should need a doctor.
  • Bright Yellow – Bright Yellow urine means that you have B Vitamin Supplements in your body, so this is actually a good color, according to Dr. Oz because you are eating and taking the right stuff for your body.
  • Cloudy Colored – This color is a sign of an infection, like a UTI or Kidney Stones and you should be seen by a medical provider.
  • Clear – Dr. Oz says this is the ideal color of your urine and means you are well hydrated. He says if you fill a glass with your urine, you should be able to see a newspaper through the glass on the other side.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Urine Color Chart, Sweet Smelling Pee & Urination Frequency

  1. Marilyn Kelsey says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for all the good you do in helping to stay healthy. I am a 2 time cancer survivor (priase the Lord) and I am always looking for healthy ways to keep me on top of the soil!!

    I am raising my now 4 year old grandaughter and need to stay healthy for her!!!

    Love your show.

    God Bless you!

  2. I have had alot of severe pain on the right side of my abdomen..it’s a sharp,yet nawing pain.it started in the lower right front,along with fever,fatigue,and fullness. I have been to a Gasteronoligist ,he did a colonoscopy an upper endoscopy,all came back normal,other than IBS and gastric ulcer.I have had blood work (came back I have rheumatoid arthritis) still having unbearable pain,now moving to my back and legs,Also frequent urination that smells sweet,sometimes I feel feverish,and some nights I have cold sweats. I am not even 40 yet and in 2 months I have had a colonoscopy,an upper endoscopy,2 catscans- one with dye,one without,2sonograms,A wand (inserted) sonogram,blood work,urine,2emergency room visits and all they tell me is that I have a small cyst 2.3cm…and a small amount of fluid in my right tube (had a tubal in 1996) and that they really couldn’t see anything else because of extra gas and bowel buildup. I have been Way more constipated than this,and I have Never had all of these symtoms. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you, Stephanie. 316-644-7740

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