Dr Oz: BPA Warning! BPA Causes Cancer Limit Canned Foods to Lower Risk


Dr Oz: Rinse Canned Foods To Lower BPA Exposure

Dr. Oz had been sharing some eye-opening information surrounding the products you are feeding yourself and your family. He revealed health threats that you probably did not even know about, like flame retardants in soda and cancer-causing substances in potato chips. He was not done yet, though. Doctor Oz had one more warning that you need to hear because it may be the one that affects your family the most!

Dr Oz: BPA Linked to Obesity & Breast Cancer

The next shocking health warning that Dr. Oz wanted you to hear about is regarding a chemical called BPA, or Bisphenol A. BPA is found in many of the products that you and your family use, eat and drink every day and has been linked to cancer. Only recently did the FDA finally ban BPA from all children’s products, but it is still heavily used in canned goods.


  1. ConcernedChemist says

    Actually, the studies that are showing toxicity of BPA to humans (well specifically mice) are through injected delivery methods. The BPA therefore skips the whole “metabolizing” process.

    Studies conducted through feeding, are actually showing no adverse affects. More than 150 have been generated on bealf of the federal government to date. These are what EFSA and the FDA and even Health Canada (reversing it’s previous position) are basing their legal stances on.

    It would be nice for the author to provide the “evidential” studies that demonstrate “consuming” BPA directly relates to any health issue.

    There’s plenty of posted work (thru NCBI and the NIH) that demonstrate a significnat reduction in estrogenic activity after metobilzation for BPA.
    Additonal studies continue to pour out that typical levels seen in the human blood stream have not effect…

    Bottom line; metabolized BPA (BPAMD) that is found in the body is not the same a BPA being injected into the blood stream.

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