Dr Oz: Are You Psychic? Theresa Caputo Piggybacking & Quantitative EEG


Dr Oz & Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium, has been on Dr Oz’s show in the past. But this time, she agreed to undergo a live experiment to test what happens in her brain during one of her psychic readings. Also, are you psychic? Ask yourself four questions to find out if it’s possible.

Dr Oz: Theresa Caputo Readings

Theresa said that spirits encouraged her to explore what happens in her brain during a psychic reading. But Dr Oz asked her what she would think if the results showed no abnormal brain activity.


  1. brs says

    As a cognitive neuroscientist who uses EEG for actual science, I am honestly shocked that Oz and Amen would use their education to push pseudoscience like this. This interpretation of EEG is beyond nonsense.

    Oz and Amen’s are already on shaky scientific grounds. But this is beyond the pale. I can only hope that he and Dr. Oz are stripped of all professional memberships, and that someone with equal popular appeal (e.g. Bill Nye or Neil Degrasse Tyson) publicly counters this nonsense.

    To think we used to have Carl sagan doing popular science. Now we have these clowns.

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