Dr Oz: Saddlebag Plastic Surgery: Double Layer Criss Cross Technique


Doctor Oz did a segment called Cutting Edge Procedures: Saddlebags, because one of the most distressing sights a woman can see in the mirror are her Saddlebags, which are fat pockets in your hips, buttocks and thighs.  Though I must admit that tummy fat is just as distressing!  Dr Oz brought onto his show Dr Stuart Linder who did a cutting edge Saddlebag Plastic Surgery to make a woman’s Saddlebags disappear for good.  Dr Linder has been on the Dr Oz Show before, for example when he did a Bra Bulge Liposuction and a Muffin Top Liposuction.

Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery For Saddlebags

Dr Stuart Linder’s patient, Rachael, is a single mom of two girls, two boys and two dogs.  She said that ever since she had kids, her body has been Dr Oz Saddlebag Surgerydifferent.  Her top half she loves, but even though she does a workout four times a week and ears well, she cannot get rid of her Saddlebags.  Dr Stuart Linder is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California and said that Saddlebag Fat is resistant fat that is very hard to lose, but after her liposuction her Saddlebags will be gone.

Dr Oz: Double Layer Criss Cross Saddlebag Surgery

Dr Oz asked Dr Linder, why are Saddlebags such a big problem?  He said that he sees patients ever week who want to get rid of their Saddlebags.  That area of fat is extremely resistant and there is a genetic component as well.  Women can be in great shape, but still have Saddlebags because that is an area for long term storage of fat.  Whereas fat in your belly is designed for quick release so that you can get calories quickly when you need it.  Dr Oz said that if you go on a diet, this is why you lose belly fat first.


  1. edina says

    Hi there. I’m very interested in this procedure cuz its exactly what I need. However I live in vancouver bc so is there a doctor who does this up here? Please let me know. Thx

  2. Cindy says

    That’s nice that the inner thigh and hips are included in the surgery. About 8 yrs ago I did lipo on my outer thighs….but a few months afterwards, I noticed that my inner thighs picked up some extra fat. Now, that’s a bit of an issue to me. Always chasing something about ourselves. So, it’s good that this dr. is doing inner as well as outer

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