Extra Nipples, Passing Gas & Laughter: Dr Oz September 13 2012 Recap


Dr Oz September 13 2012

Dr Oz Fans love when he opens the mail bag to answer embarrassing and out there questions. This Uncensored show from Dr Oz September 13 2012 left little to the imagination and even revealed Dr Oz’s most embarrassing personal health issue. Check out the strange questions and amazing solutions from Dr Oz September 13 2012.

Reverse Wedgie Camel Toe Test & Bloody Nose Stroke Warning

Laughter & Questions: Dr Oz September 13 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 13 2012 featured Oz Uncensored Q&A on extra nipples, laughter and even passing gas.



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    I am a 43 year old female from North Tx. I have had the same problem all year! My indigestion has been all missed up, I;m 5year Seizure-free-I went to my Neurologist, My medication has suddenly been bumping around. But within past 2 wks better.
    I;m better than I was at the beginning of the year, my family docreferred me to a Gastrologist in Paris. But I haven;t been able to eat a full meal all year-my biggest problem is Constipation-about every 10 days take a Lax. I have been warned not to take any meds or Vitamins, I eat apples and Prunes-nuts=Beans and Fish! I like Ceazer Salad lately! Another doc thinks I may beginning-PMS! But Gas Bloating, nausia-Stomach! Would a Gluten Free Diet do me anygood. My doc thought that spec was a fruitcake!lol IS there anything I can do to gain my weight back-ENJOY EATING!
    Thanks, Mary

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