Dr Oz Drop Ten Pounds By Summer Cheat Sheet & Non-Starchy Vegetable List


Dr Oz: Lose Ten Pounds By Summer

With just ten weeks to go until summer, it’s time to shed the extra weight you’ve been carrying around. Dr Oz was thrilled to reveal a plan that can help you lose ten pounds by summer. He was joined by Joy Bauer, a nutritionist who explained that if you’re looking for a fast, easy, and effective weight loss plan, this just may be the one for you. Fortunately, you’re not going to be stuck eating what Joy called “rabbit food.” All the meals are specifically designed to give you lean protein, high quality starch, and healthy fat to keep you energized, satisfied, and full, all while the weight melts off.  You will enjoy lots of delicious options like pancakes, burgers and even chicken parmesan!!!  Plus, Joy Bauer and Dr. Oz shared a Non-Starchy Vegetable List that you can eat unlimited quantities of!  Wait until you see what made it on Dr. Oz’s list on the next page…

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