Dr Oz Tea-Tox Decoder: Tea Flush Detox Review: Which Tea’s Best?


Dr Oz: Tea Tox Decoder

Teatoxes are promoted by celebrities all over social media with claims that they can help you shed weight quickly, but how do you know which are safe? Fortunately, Dr Oz broke it all down for us to reveal which Tea Detoxes work best for weight loss, detoxing, and glowing skin. Dr Oz turned to naturopathic Dr Pina LoGiudice author of “The Little Book of Healthy Beauty,” to help him take a closer look at each Tea-Tox.

Dr Oz: Tea Flush Detox

But first, Dr Oz explained that while he wanted to look at specific brands, he took the labels off each tea so that his image couldn’t be used illegally to promote the products. As Dr Pina pointed out, celebrities are endorsing these products and claiming they can reboot your body, detoxify, reset, slim you down, lower cholesterol, and even lower heart disease.

Dr Oz: Safe Teatox + Mint, Green, & Oolong Tea Health Benefits

Teatoxes are constantly promoted by celebrities by why pay the price and risk your health when you can reap true benefits for much cheaper with all-natural teas? (agirlwithtea / Flickr)

Those are certainly bold claims, so what’s the real deal? At $55 a month for two cups a day worth of tea, you better hope it actually works!  But lets see what Dr. Oz found on the next page…

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