Dr Oz: HCG Shot For Weight Loss Warning & Is HCG Diet Right For You?


Dr Oz Fans Update: Here are the segment recaps for this episode:

Dr Oz February 6 2013

Are you overweight? Have you tried several different plans to lose weight, but can never seem to find the right one that works best for you? You are probably not alone, especially since there are so many people in this country who are overweight or obese.



  1. Eunice Marchacos says

    I have tried every diet there is. I even had Lap-Band surgery. Lost 65 lbs but 35 was put back on. I then lost 30 lbs in 2 months on HCG diet. I swear by it. Not only lost weight but my body changed. I now have a midriff. Couldn’t remember how many years since I had one. I feel wonderful. It was a totally different weight loss than the others. I feel that my hormones are working now.

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