Dr Oz: Bryan Bixler’s Anorexia Recovery Story

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Dr Oz: Bryan Bixler’s Anorexia Recovery Story

By on March 6, 2012

Dr Oz: Bryan Bixler Anorexic Recovery

Dr Oz did an entire show dedicated to Anorexia.  He spoke about Pro-Ana Websites like PrettyThin.com that encourage Anorexia, and he gave advice on getting treatment for Anorexia at a place like Shades of Hope Treatment Centers.  But believe it or not, there are plenty of women who are Pro-Ana Website Advocates.  Two years ago, Dr Oz was worried that Bryan Bixler was too far gone. In the previous year, Bryan went down to 75 lbs and still thought he was overweight. He visited The Dr Oz Show and ended up accepting treatment at the Rosewood Treatment Center.

That changed his life.

Bryan re-visited The Doctor Oz Show and he was happier and healthy and even had a normal, healthy heartbeat.

Dr Oz Bryan's Anorexia Battle

Dr Oz spoke about Bryan's Anorexia battle.

Bryan was going to be okay.

Bryan told Dr Oz that he would be dead without his help. Dr Oz told Brian that he asked him back to the show because he wanted to get help for the young girls on his show today.

For Amanda and Britney, Bryan told them that they had a one-hundred percent chance of becoming full-blown anorexics. Anorexia is something you just kept doing until you’re dead. “Anorexia takes everything from you,” he told the girls. “and death is where it leads if you don’t get help.”

Dr Oz: Shades of Hope Treatment Center for Anorexia

Britney told Dr Oz that she felt she was going to die if she didn’t get some help. She felt the girls on the site were going to die, too. She needed and wanted help now. Tennie, the founder of the Shades of Hope Treatment Center, told Dr Oz that the longer you starve your brain, the less your brain works.

Tennie offered her treatment center to all four of the women, telling them that it wasn’t a quick fix, but it was what they needed. All they had to do was accept. Dr Oz went down the line to find out who accepted the offer:

Lynn-she’s willing to go because she doesn’t want to die.

Janice-she wanted to hear more about it and think about it. Not good enough for Dr Oz, but he accepted her answer.

Britney- she hesitated and eventually said no because she felt she was already fully vested in her recovery. She did tell Dr Oz that if she were to re-lapse and lose weight, she would accept the help.

Amanda- at first she said no because she didn’t feel she was sick. She also felt she needed to lose more weight. After further insistence, she accepted.

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