Dr Phil: Truth, Lies, and Family Ties — Is Her Book Fact or Fiction?


Dr Phil: My Sister Published a Book of Lies About Our Family

What would you do if a sibling wrote a book based on your life, but some of it wasn’t true and most of it was scandalous? That’s exactly what happened to the siblings who were Dr Phil’s guests in a show called “My Sister Published a Book of Lies About Our Family.”


  1. Oliver says

    That Jori is one crazy delusional biatch. If you buy her book (not a novel as Dr Phil suggests) you are an absolute moron! This wacko should be in jail for what she has put her poor family through. She claims that she is an advocate for victims but from watching the show or from taking just one look at her facebook page and you can see that she is self righteous and all about gaining fame and pity for her pathetic self. This woman makes me sick. There are actual victims out there and Jori hs decided to spit on all of them for some self serving reason.

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