Dr Oz: 5 Minute Miracles To Fight Fat & Flat Belly Laser Procedure


Dr Oz: Flat Belly Procedure

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on Monday May 16, 2011 is called “5 Minute Miracles To Fight Fat.”  Doctor Oz is going to talk all about how we can make our fat bellies into flat bellies, which sounds great!  There will be Calorie Cutting Recipes like a Flat Belly Salad Recipe, as well as Slimming Shortcuts.  Dr Oz will even have a miracle procedure that removes fat from your belly with a Flat Belly Laser Procedure.  In just minutes, and without any surgery, you are guaranteed to lose at least 3″.  I cannot wait to hear more about this fat belly procedure!  He seems to be talking quite a bit about various procedures to improve our appearance, like this segment that he did on a Saddlebag Procedure: Dr Oz: Saddlebag Plastic Surgery, this discussion of plastic surgery treatments: Dr Oz: Body Tite & Neck Tite Plastic Surgery and this segment on a Muffin Top Lipo Procedure: Dr Oz: Ultherapy Face Lift & Muffin Top Liposuction.  What do you think – would you try any of these plastic surgery treatments?  Or are you mainly interested in natural methods?

Dr Oz: UTI’s or Urinary Tract Infections

Dr Oz will also do a segment on the latest cutting edge ways to prevent UTI’s or Urinary Tract Infections.  I know that drinking cranberry juice and eatingDr Oz 5 Minute Miracles To Fight Fatyogurt are both supposed to be helpful for preventing UTI’s.  In fact, you can even try cranberry supplement pills or probiotic pills, and I have heard from quite a few people that these pills are extremely helpful in preventing Urinary Tract Infections.  But I wonder if Doctor Oz has found an even better way to avoid UTI’s!

Dr Oz & Jeff Corwin

Doctor Oz will also do a segment with Jeff Corwin on foods from around the world that can help you to look younger.  This will not be Corwin’s first appearance on the Dr Oz Show, you can read the recap of his last segment here: Dr Oz: Miracle Berry Tablets Turn Sour Foods Sweet With Miraculin.


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